August 04, 2016 Loiret France Europe

Hautes Roches: A Fine Culinary Experience with a View on the Loire River
Non-smokers friendly
Fine Dining

Phone Number: +33 2 47 52 88 88

Address: 86 Quai de la Loire, 37210 Rochecorbon, France


Price Range: 150-450 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 9.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 29/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 10/10

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With an amazing view of the Loire river, I sat for dinner. The Hautes Roches hotel is one of the several Relais et Châteaux down at the Loire Valley proposing a luxurious stay as well as an elegant dinner. A set of square tables covered with white cloth and decorated with silver cutlery and colorful water glasses await to host their esteemed guests. It was already 8 in the evening; the sun was leaving this part of the world accompanied by the music of singing birds.


Other than the restaurant inside, the terrace is envied by all guests. On a beautiful evening, I sat and enjoyed the scenery while reading the menu and what the chef has to offer.

The first impression:

  • Service is professional but slow.
  • A plate of bites landed on the table but was not explained as fine restaurants do.
  • The head waiter takes the order by heart explaining the plates with a passion.

Dinner started with the bites. A mini toast of Croque Monsieur ham with cheese and black truffles. A choux with a cream of tomato and parmesan and a bite of foie gras. Three minis and a crunchy feuilleté of cheese.

At the intimate gastronomic restaurant located in "la gentilhommière," Didier Edon proposes a traditional, while at the same time bold, cuisine, inspired by seafood. His talents since 1989 as Chef at the Hautes Roches Hotel were rewarded with a star in the Michelin guide in 1990.


I ordered seven items to taste:

  • Langoustines rôties avec artichauts et foie gras, tagliatelles de sarrasin, sauce maltaise.
  • Le mignon de veau dans le filet.
  • Les bombons de homard au jambon Iberico, comme dans un jardin, fleurs, jeunes légumes et fines herbes.
  • Le suprême de Turbot léger sur le grill, béarnaise retour des Indes.
  • La nougatine aux fraises, vaporeux a l'oranger de Grand Marnier, sorbet de leur jus.
  • Le palet sablé au chocolat noir, excellence et glace à la vanille.
  • Quelques fromages du terroir et d'ailleurs.


Wine to accompany my meal: Domaine Vincent Carême, Vouvray 2014, Le Peu Morier.

Les amuses-bouche: A rich cream of carrots in a cup on a bed of tender foie gras, a slice of poultry of the region and a fried bonbon of pigs feet. Fine dining quality, I felt something, I enjoyed the creation and the mixes of food... my taste buds were shaking and feeling every ingredient the chef has used. This is Michelin Star quality, a star the chef acquired twenty-five years ago. 

Starters are to die for, indeed the work of a master. Beautifully presented and decorated with love, every plate is created to draw a smile on your face. A Meli Melo of flavors and colors where every ingredient is carefully chosen to impress. Tender lobsters, a crepe turned into tagliatelle, foie gras, fat cubes and a bed of rich sauce. Lobster bonbons wrapped with Iberico ham on a bed of potato cream with a garden of colorful vegetables... loved every part of both plates. 

Main plates are succulent. A tartar served with a raw quail egg, a very tender meat, colorful vegetables and purée of potatoes. A juicy fish, more vegetables, béarnaise on the side and roasted vegetables. Well done, beautifully presented, full of taste, class, and finesse. Enjoyed my plates and finished them.

Three hours have passed, and I was still enjoying dinner... dessert was even better than all the other plates, art on plates, strawberries, and chocolate, cream, and biscuits... I ended with a superb last impression I'll remember for long. 


Bravo... this is passion felt in every plate, the chef deserves a star. I was happy and went back to sleep feeling calm, happy and relaxed. This restaurant is surely recommended. Mignardises, macarons, and chocolates before calling a wrap. Good night from the Loire Valley.

Suitable For: Fine Dining





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