April 14, 2017

Heart Filled Easter Egg - A New Treat

Chocolate lovers can now get their hands on a solid chocolate Easter egg, consisting of 42 bite size pieces fitted together like a jigsaw.The egg, which is 14cm high and contains 750g of Belgian chocolate, comes in four varieties; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate  and milk chocolate with caramel.


The indulgent egg was launched by the Solid Chocolate Company, which claims it’s so popular that people come back “year after year” to buy it.

The company says: “Do you remember the disappointment of opening all that packaging and breaking the egg only to find that its hollow?

“We decided to do something about it, so we set about designing a solid chocolate Easter egg.

“It’s not rocket science to just put two solid halves together, but that wasn’t good enough for us. We wanted to have an egg made of solid, bite-sized pieces that fit together to make a solid egg.”

The egg doesn’t come cheap – it can be bought from the Solid Chocolate Company’s website or Amazon for £24.99.

Article featured in the SUN.

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