April 02, 2013 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Zaatar W Zeit: Nice But Not Cheap
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights Quick Eats

Phone Number: +961 4 521978

Address: Le Mall, Dbayeh Highway, Dbayeh, Keserwan, Lebanon

Website: http://www.zaatarwzeit.net/

Price Range: 20-35 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 24/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: Soon

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No, this is not part of my venture to find the best man'oushe. It's Easter Monday and I wanted to grab a quick brunch with a friend, so I headed down to Le Mall. Zaatar W Zeit was my choice - I haven't been there in a while and thought why not. I liked the place. They have changed their look to the better - but I don't recall it being implemented in all its outlets. The one in Le Mall is nice and modern with details I enjoyed, but for it being a cheap bite, it's not!


Architecture and Design: A Pret A Manger Style

  • An outside seating area with benches
  • Warm Wood Tables
  • A mix of wood and metal chairs
  • The curved ceiling covered with black and white photographs
  • Indirect Lighting gives a nice soothing feel
  • Walls also enjoy a few skyline images

The menu boasts a big variety of food choices:

  • Teazers
  • Pizzas
  • Pans
  • Manakeesh
  • Wraps
  • Salads
  • Redefining Light - a new light menu
  • Desserts
  • Beverages


Let's see what we ordered:

  • Jebneh 4000LL (Simple soul food, the traditional melted cheese mankousheh)
  • Za'atar 2000LL (I'll tell you more about it in my best Mankouche of Beirut)
  • Lahmeh Bi Ajjine 4200LL (A classic minced meat coled with spices, onions and tomatoes. The traditional Lebanese way)
  • Oil Free Za'atar Mankoushe 3000LL ( Served on a wholesome multi-cereal thin dough, the same great taste without the guilt, delicious dried thyme mixed with water with a bit of sesame topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, purslane and rocca)
  • Quinoa Tabboule 4000LL (Light and fresh, enjoy a mix of quinoa, chopped tomatoes, green parsley, mint. Best enjoyed with lemon oil dressing
  • 1 Caesar Deluxe 10,500LL (Simply Caesar with roasted chicken on top.)
  • Eggs Your Way (Sunny side up or scrambled? 3 eggs baked your way.)
  • Chicken Breaded 8000LL (Enjoy a flavor odyssey with 4 pieces of chicken filet strips breaded with z crumbs, served with honey mustard sauce on the side)
  • Halloumi Sticks 7000LL (Embark on an adventure with taste. 4 pieces of halloumi chese sticks breaded with z crumbs. Served with  thousand island dip on the side)
  • Side order of fries
  • Apple Juice 5000LL


The experience:

  • I liked the quinoa tabbouleh, an original invention. It's tasty and the whole mixture with lemon is just right. You eat and enjoy the taste of traditional tabbouleh without the after bloating effect of bourghol.
  • The breaded chicken strips and halloumi were a bit too oily. You feel the oil just by looking at it. Honestly, I felt the taste of cheese in the halloumi to be more a mozzarella and not a halloumi cheese. Not tasty.
  • The eggs plate is served in a brown traditional bowl, 'fokhara' with soft, hot and freshly baked pita bread. A side order of vegetables is served with it.
  • We ordered the Oil free Zaatar without the vegetables inside. The plate looked really dull and unappetizing  They should have added some mint leaves, slices of tomatoes or so on the side, just to add color. But the Mankouche is great: Bravo for this new idea.
  • The manakeesh are not very special. Nothing to write home about to be honest. Looking at them you don't have the drooling feeling that you want to devour them in a second. They can be more appealing, less chewy and more generous in the ingredients.


The pluses:

  • I love the new identity, design and choices of food
  • Menus are nice, the pictures are clear and the design is modern and neat
  • The way each item in the menu is describe is really nice - an essay with every title that takes you on a journey of taste before you even start
  • A fridge that displays their packaged juice bottles freshly squeezed on the spot, dessert variety (Cheese cake, Tiramisu...)
  • Juice is fresh squeezed and served in their special designed bottles
  • The waiters are sweet and friendly

The minuses:

  • I think its expensive - a bill of $70 for the above order.
  • The music is too loud, too loungy for this place

As previously mentioned, I love Zaatar W Zeit but the prices are becoming way too expensive. I remind you that a Halloumi Bacon, my favorite, is for 9,500L.L! A mankouche is the most expensive in town: 2,000L.L. Keep on the good work and make your brand more accessible to all.






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