January 06, 2016

Here's a $55 a Puff Cigar... Interested?

If you're a Connoisseurs of cigars you need to start packing.... Book a trip to Denver. Because Centennial State is supposedly home to the world’s most expensive cigar. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch’s Bachelors Lounge is said to be home to the world’s most expensive cigar. Dubbed His Majesty’s Reserve Gurkha cigar, this cigar cost a staggering $2000 a piece.

This 7½ x 52 double corona from Gurkha Cigars is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic and features an 18-year-old broadleaf maduro wrapper, a 12-year-old Dominican filler and binder, and a special finishing touch: The tobaccos have been infused with Louis XIII Cognac, a blend of 1,200 Grand Champagne eaux-de-vie that have been aged from 40 to 100 years. His Majesty requires about two hours to smoke— which works out to about $55 a puff.


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