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HORECA 2019: A Video Review

“For a better industry” is HORECA LEBANON’s theme for this year, which defines the objective of the event: to be a regional business meeting place where the future of the hospitality and foodservice sectors in Lebanon and the Middle East can be shaped.

The event is set to welcome 18,000 industry professionals and more than 300 local and international exhibitors from Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, KSA, Kuwait, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE and USA. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore over 2,500 brands during the four-day event.

The Hospitality Salon Culinaire’s guest of honor is three-Michelin-starred chef Christophe Bacquie from Hôtel & Spa du Castellet, Named ‘Chef of the Year’ by the Gastronomy and Wine Trophies in Lyon, 2018, Ranked the 29th chef among the top 100 chefs in the world by "Le Chef Magazine" for 2019, Honorary President for Bocuse D'or 2019, at Sirha - Lyon, France.

Other international guests at the salon include one-Michelin-starred Alan Geaam(France), Nasserdine Mendi(France), Christophe Marguin (France), Christophe Morel(Canada), Domenico Maggi (Italy), Francois Pozzoli(France), Georges Damianou (Cyprus), Guillaume Gomez(France), Jacques Charrette (France), Jean-Marc Mompach (France), Samaan Hilal (Kuwait), Tarek Ibrahim(Egypt), Thomas Gugler(KSA),Yasser Jad(KSA),Emil Minev(UK), Mehmet Gok(Turkey),Zyad Hilal(Kuwait), Shadi Abu Khadijah(Jordan), Ali Ghzawi(Jordan) and Danilo Pagano (Italy).


Events’ at Horeca

Hospitality Salon Culinaire and Junior Chef Competition
The Hospitality Salon Culinaire has long been one of the main attractions of HORECA LEBANON. Offering a platform for seasoned chefs to show off their skills in live contests and food displays, the salon has evolved in line with food trends and the changes in consumer taste. More than 250 chefs are competing in over 20 live shows and display categories to impress the team of judges - comprising 25 international celebrity and Michelin-star chefs. The Junior Chef Competition is once again providing a platform for Lebanon’s talented hospitality students to compete in various culinary challenges. 
Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
Six Lebanese pastry chefs are competing at HORECA LEBANON for the Lebanese National Selection of the prestigious World Pastry Cup. The winner of the selection will have the chance to participate at Lyon in 2021.
Lebanese Bartenders Competition
Putting the art of bartending on center stage, the Lebanese Bartenders Competition showcases the talent, precision and creative flair of more than 30 bartenders. The winner will take away the top prize of 1,000,000 LBP.
Mocktail Competition
The Mocktail Competition takes place for the first time at HORECA LEBANON, offering participants the opportunity to show off their creativity in creating non-alcoholic cocktails and innovative drinks.
Art of Service Competition
The Art of Service Competition empowers foodservice professionals and hotel management students, allowing them to showcase their talents in offering supreme guest experiences. Skills will be put to the test by an expert jury.
Lebanese Barista Competition
HORECA LEBANON highlights the skills of more than 20 baristas in a nail-biting contest. The Lebanese Barista Competition focuses on technical ability, professionalism, and artistic flair.
Latte Art Competition
A new challenge for baristas will begin at the 26th edition of HORECA LEBANON. Fusing coffee and art, the Latte Art Competition will showcase the technical skills of participants as they craft milk-based coffee beverages.
Bed Making Competition
The art of bed making is no easy feat and HORECA LEBANON’s Bed Making Competition highlights just how tricky it can be, especially under pressure. Visitors will discover the latest housekeeping techniques with professional housekeepers and learn practical tips on how to make the perfect bed.
National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest
Gathering more than 30 extra virgin olive oil producers, the National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest will crown its 2019 winner. The event includes daily sessions with olive oil experts, chefs, and consultants, allowing visitors the chance to learn secrets behind the different types of extra virgin olive oil and how to pair with food. Given the focus on Lebanese flavors at this year’s HORECA LEBANON, this much-loved product of the region will play an even greater role.
Atelier Gourmand
The Atelier Gourmand boasts a wide variety of daily cooking workshops with French chefs working in the leading restaurants in Lebanon, providing visitors with the chance to discover their unique cooking techniques and specialty dishes. The event wraps up with a fun improvised workshop in the presence of Chef Guillaume Gomez, where valuable prizes can be won.
Annual Hospitality Forum
The forum hosts daily conferences and talks, giving key players the chance to debate hot topics and share their knowledge about current trends.
Wine Lab
Daily workshops with leading international experts, sommeliers and oenologists will take visitors on a journey of discovery as they explore the leading Lebanese wines along as well as food and wine pairing sessions.
Arak Lab
Local arak experts will share their experiences during workshops that highlight this iconic taste of Lebanon.
Al Matbakh
Well-known Lebanese and international chefs will put their talents on display in a variety of cooking workshops highlighting and honoring local food heritage and products.
Bleu Design Consultants
Discover the work of local potters in a space curated by Bleu Design Consultants. The participants are Aida Tannoury, Andrea Nassar, Hoda Baroudi, Joyce Samaha, Karine Lteif, May Ammoun, May Georges Muller, Mona Sayegh, Nadine Tawil Abo, May Abboud, Nina Salem Shabb, Nada Rizk, Fadia El Khatib, Ramzi Atrouni, Najwa Nahas, Bkerzay, Tania Salami, Rawan Kaddouh, Hala Habib, Tarek Sarkis, Mariana Ghobeira, Haig Krikorian, Nathalie Sabounji, Le Blanc & Maison Tarazi

Cheese Pavilion organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization gathers Lebanese cheese producers: Al Akhdar Dairy Products, Al Jarra Dairy, Emm El Khayrat, Fattoria del Sole s.a.l., Go Baladi, Jaber Jaber & Sons, Le Bon Lait Cooperative, Rohban Dairies, Skaff Dairy Farm.

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