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Hotel Saint George, El Djazair: A Vivid Idea of Algeria's History

Phone Number: +213 21230933

Address: Avenue Souidani Boudjemaa, El-Jazair, Algeria ‎


Price Range: 250-400 $


Welcoming: 0/5

Food Temperature: 0/10

Ambiance / Music: 0/10

Menu Choice: 0/5

Food Taste: 0/30

Architecture / Interior: 0/10

Food presentation: 0/10

Service: 0/10

Value for money: Soon

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Opened in 1889, the Saint George hotel gives you a vivid impression of the history of Algeria, its culture and art. built on a site of a former Arab-Ottoman palace and surrounded by a luxuriant botanical Arden, the hotel is a jewel of the national cultural heritage.

Hotel_Saint_George_Algeria010 Having one of the rooms over viewing the bay of Algeria, I enjoyed a pleasant stay in a calm and serene atmosphere. The hotel doesn't seem to have an end. It took me two days to discover it completely with all its saloons and entertainment corners.


The hotel services and facilities:

  • A big pool is a great way to spend some unique times under the sun
  • I loved their blue tennis court
  • A huge SPA and Hammam are the talk of town around here
  • The botanical garden has more than 350 different plants on a surface of 700 square meters
  • I spend hours at the terrace enjoying Algeria's local beer; Tango
  • Next to the pool is a pleasant terrace where a drink or a quick snack are enjoyed calmly
  • There is also a gift shop, a barber shop and a tobacco shop for all your needs


The room comfort and amenities:

  • Free and speedy internet connection
  • 32 LCD screen
  • More than 50 TV channels and 10 international radio stations
  • Air Conditioning
  • A safe
  • Mini bar and coffee machine
  • A small saloon
  • I loved the balcony and its view
  • The bathroom is filled with the needed amenities: shampoo, vanity kit, slippers, bathrobe, toothbrush and a hair dryer
  • The room has it all: shoe shine, a working desk and two closets


The room's Jacuzzi and showers are the biggest joke:

  • A water pressure that is drastically too low with which you can barely shower
  • A flow that doesn't even satisfy a bird. I didn't want to imagine how women clean their hair with it
  • This water flow needs a minimum of 50 minutes to fill the jacuzzi
  • While trying to fill it, and after reaching only 10cm, the water stops unexpectedly. lol!
  • Water consumption has a security limit that doesn't even fill 1/10th of the Jacuzzi


At this hotel, more than four restaurants welcome you all day long:

Le Saint George, The Jade Pagoda Chinese gastronomy, Le Dey lounge terrace and the Snack El Yasmine by the pool. 

Even though I loved the hotel, I believe that it can be much better. Be sure that this in Algeria's finest place to stay with a professional staff that tries to give the best they know. But imagine with a tiny bit of finesse, which is missing in this country, it can be a perfect five-star hotel. The decoration around here is really impressive. An Ottoman's palace filled with those little tiny details of architecture, mosaic and wood I never expect to see in a country where luxury or a good finish has no meaning. I was amazed with this hotel.


The details of architecture:

  • A very big hotel with many pavilions
  • A high ceiling everywhere makes it pleasant and enjoyable. Light enters abundantly from all sides
  • A palace ambiance that transports you to the beginning of the century
  • Mosaic of the Turkish ages is everywhere covering all walls and columns
  • The ceiling is all covered with white carved plaster, the old fashioned way
  • There is more sofas than needed filling all corners and empty spaces
  • From the outside, the building looks tropical, colorful and fun. Something this country misses a lot
  • Red relaxing leather sofas are everywhere


Behind the door of this compound is a ticket to another dimension out of this city's lack of beautiful things.

The pluses:

  • When you discover Algeria and experience its bad service, scathing food, lack of welcoming spirit, nonexistent tourism, you'll just fall in love with what this hotel has to offer
  • Room service is generous: A complementary water bottle is added every day even though the previous one is still full. Shower gels and amenities are renewed every day. Few hotels do that
  • This compound away from the city's chaos transports you into another dimension

The needed upgrades and changes:

  • More training of the staff is a must
  • In such a beautiful setup, breakfast should be served outside and not between four walls
  • The main advertising screen in the lobby is too cheap
  • Sell some of those sofas. Everywhere and on every floor are more chairs and saloons than needed for an entire civilisation
  • The water pressure in the rooms needs a serious boost

The hotel food is as bad as other places in town. Breakfast is inedible and the burger I ordered to the room is below the acceptable limit of being average:


Cheese Burger a Cheval: (cheeseburger with egg on top) 19€

  • I received a HUGE tray which looks empty. Only a plate in its middle covered with aluminum foil
  • A plate with the burger and some uncooked and oily French fries
  • No extra ketchup accompanied the burger
  • No coleslaw salad, even though its a burger platter
  • Burger is too thick and the bread is too condensed and of low quality. I love it how bread is naked once a week in here. The bun tastes even worth than sponge cake under the sun
  • Its content: Tomatoes, wrapped cheese, ketchup, lettuce, bun, fried eggs
  • Cheese is not even melted. Tiny little bits of wrapped cheese sticking to the lower bun
  • Thick 220g ground beef meat, cooked from the outside and soft red from the inside. It just tastes blood, nothing else
  • Potato is way too salty and not cooked enough
  • Plate has blood inside soaking the paper on which the burger is presented. It's disgusting
  • A Coca light can without a cup and no ice. No way!

Would I visit this hotel again? Yes. Do I recommend it? Of course. With all its problems, it is the best around. At least you don't expect to have bad surprises.

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