September 23, 2016 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

Staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel Istanbul: An Outstanding Experience
Non-smokers friendly


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

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A Happy Moment: Breakfast at Park Hyatt Istanbul

Located in the heart of Istanbul is the Park Hyatt. Visiting the capital for the weekend, it's where my wife and I chose to relax far from the city's busy life. The hotel rocks! A wide lobby, a welcoming staff and a majestic in a 60sqm room. We checked in and we didn't feel like leaving it!


When you search for hotels in Istanbul, the Park Hyatt is strangely not on the list. Kempinski, Swisshotel or Rixos but believe me this one outstands them all. The four nights were memorable.

The Park Hyatt is one of those luxurious hotels where your stay is guaranteed to be memorable. A calm luxurious hotel offers a serious selection of food, a hefty breakfast and rooms -at least the one we had- that I'll be remembering for a long time.

Our big room experience starts with a long corridor leading up to the sleeping area. Bed, a water jug next to it facing a sofa, chair and working desk. Separating the room from the bathroom is an island where the mini bar stands. Now that I had a smile on my face I walked inside the bathroom which seriously is a room by itself. Two sinks, a toilet with its sink, a large bathtub, a shower and a sauna, yes a sauna in our room!


The amenities are endless. Imagine that there's even a small fridge for your facial creams. An umbrella, safe, ironing board, a large television with a DVD machine, a coffee and an espresso machine, bathrobe, a TV for the bathtub and much more. Outstanding luxury!

Every detail is taken seriously. Choose from a long list of complementary amenities which are delivered to your room on demand. The bathroom has two sinks of which one is drinking water. The mini bar is filled to top. A colored light set over he bathtub comes with a remote to adjust speed and colors. Water is hot, stays hot and has a strong pressure... And the list goes on.

Arriving at noon, we opted to have lunch in the room. Breakfast can be delivered to your room free until 12pm. You can also pick from many other choices of eggs and ready made possibilities. All day dining, appetizers, soups, between bread, pizzas, pasta and risotto and main courses. Continue to create your own, cheese and desserts, healthy living, late night dining.

A tray entered the room with two plates, a selection of condiments, bread and the two Coca-Cola light. Under the table is a hot box hosting the food. We started with the salads and moved to the serious stuff. Presentation is good, staff is professional and the food is as good as you expected for a five stars priced reasonably.

Salmon sashimi is served the fine dining way. Sliced salmon marinated in lemon and soy vinaigrette, micro herbs and lime. Smooth, tender and flavorful without being fatty and oily.

Traditional Caesar salad followed. A generous salad of lettuce, lots of shrimp, beef bacon and Parmesan with croutons and a ranch sauce. Well done for a salad.

The burger, a thick Angus beef patty stuffed between two toasted buns served with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Add your ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard for a better pleasure. The meat is excellent in quality but unfortunately over cooked. I ate it alone like a piece of steak.

The club is a good one. Prepared without any sauce, it is juicy but requires some mayonnaise or mustard to boost the flavor. Layers of bread, chicken breast, lettuce, egg, to anti, smoked beef.


The pluses:

  • Leaving and coming back to the hotel, you are greeted like a king. With a big wide smile, captains smile and a nod reminding you that you're staying at Istanbul's finest.
  • We asked for the concierge's help which was positive. He booked three restaurants for us.
  • Every night, at the bar, a plate of cheese and another of bread, diced tomatoes, a bowl of grapes and another of olives are prepared for the pleasure of your senses.
  • Reception staff smiles and greets continuously.
  • Food is good.

Recommended is the least that can be said. My favorite hotel in Istanbul to date - Satisfaction guaranteed.





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