December 03, 2014

How About Some Maamoul for Christmas?

I’m a fan of the Karabij at Chidiac and I think I know now where I'm buying my maamoul next Easter... WHo said you can't enjoy those treats all year long?


Today I received a box of Maamoul from Chidiac, the famous Karabij creator down in Wadi Chahrour, that produces those bites all year long. These maamoul are really, really good.

Walnuts, figs, bitter orange, almonds and tamer. A small portion of powdered sugar topping them and you’ll be enjoying some fine maamoul.

I loved their simplicity, their aroma, their moist hearts, their crunchy envelope, and most importantly, their little added sugar. They are a bit too aromatic but I actually love that. One single bite and that’s guaranteed satisfaction.


My favorite is the bitter orange, moist and full of taste, the peanuts, the same filling as the Karabij, is like nothing you've tasted before, and the others are generously filled, crunchy and just sweet enough. Now you know, Chidiac not only has great Karabij –the best in Lebanon- but amazing Maamoul as well. 

I’ve no need to write more, you'll only have to try them.

Patisserie Chidiac, Wadi Chahrour, +961 5 942252, +961 3 766887

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