April 17, 2019 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Hadaf: Unique Lebanese Sweets at Al Anwar Saida
Sweet Tooth

Let’s start agreeing that these are not “baklava.” Looking like oriental sweets, these diamond shaped sweets are intended to make you drool. They are called “Hadaf.” “Hadaf” is a signature of Al Anwar sweets in Saida. Arrive after eleven, and there is a huge chance that you won’t find any. Taking a trip to Saida; stop for Knefeh at Al Jardali, Semsmiyyeh at Al Samra and Hadaf at Al Anwar.


Thin layers of puff pastry, stuck one to the other and soaked in sugar syrup. Sticky, enjoyably sweet, they have a toffee effect melting enjoyably under the teeth. A light crunch then pops an explosion of sweetness.

I love them! They are addictive! People come from all over the world for them “Hadaf,” making sure to pre-order guarantying availability. 


Beware of them; once you start, you will not stop; addictive and very tasty. A mouthwatering experience awaits.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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