January 12, 2020 London UK Europe

Golden Chippy: My Favorite Fish and Chips

Yes indeed, my favorite! I can say that I love Fish n’ Chips but cannot stand dry fish or the taste of the oil. I can’t imagine eating small-sized fries... anyway, I’ve had quite a few fish with fried potatoes for the last decade and was still searching to be impressed: this one did!


It’s a simple casual shack that looks like a street food place the way you find kebab places in turkey or shawarma restaurants in Lebanon. One guy, originally from Cyprus fries with love. What’s your secret I ask? “I don’t serve what doesn’t go inside my belly”.

Delicious and unique fish and chips. One of my favorites ever served with excellent chips and a side of refreshing sauce.

Watch "Golden Chippy" on my London tour and enjoy it on your next visit to the British capital.

Golden Chippy: https://goo.gl/maps/L8D2bS9QdzYFmzeN6


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