March 06, 2019 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

I Scream: Innovative and Mouthwatering Ice Cream in Dubai
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

It’s innovative, it’s mouthwatering, it’s creative and it’s delicious; I Scream took ice cream to another level. Have you ever imagined eating zaatar ice cream, meghle, knefeh or tabbouleh?

What began as a simple, funny idea about mixing and creating sweet endings from around the world has evolved into a powerful business concept that saw the light in 2018. iScream was founded in hopes of filling the world with happy and cheerful screams and to remind us that we are never too old for an Ice Cream Scoop and to just breathe, live and be as childish as we once were; every now and then. 


Lebanese and international flavors remastered to impress in a scoop of tasty ice cream. I was impressed by such a concept who really took ice cream to another level, imagined and owned by a team of passionate Lebanese.


When you see their creations you will laugh, when you taste them you will scream... this is why it’s called I Scream.


Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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