March 07, 2022

Iconic New Hampshire Foods You'll Want To Eat

New Hampshire is well known for making all kinds of quality produce. What most people ignore is that it also reflects on the quality of their cuisine. If something is already delicious when bought off a shelf just because of the quality of its ingredients, imagine getting your hands on it from the very source! Plus, living in the area where it comes from and having handled the production for so long, the people of New Hampshire have developed lots of amazing meals you can't miss on. So, let's discuss some of the most iconic New Hampshire foods you'll want to eat!

L.A. Burdick chocolate

One of the most iconic New Hampshire foods is, without a doubt, the chocolate produced by L.A. Burdick. The company was originally opened in 1987, with the store currently in operation within New Hampshire itself opening in 1997. The company's most well-known and representative product has to be the chocolate mice. Their adorable appearance, along with their tastiness, has made them famous throughout the US. Of course, this does not mean that the rest of what Burdick has to offer is not worthy of attention! The many interesting tastes of sweets and chocolate products make it possible for Burdick stores to rival some of the best restaurants worth traveling to. Even if it is possible to order the products online, there is something different about seeing them laid out in front of you and being able to pick your favorites. Especially in the very first store they originated from!

Apple pie – and more

New Hampshire is home to plenty of breathtaking apple orchards. And all of these orchards contribute to the iconic New Hampshire foods for you to try! Among these, the top-ranking are apple pies and, interestingly enough, apple cider. While not precisely counted as food, New Hampshire has a very rich culture of crafting this drink and offers some of the best cider that you can find on the market. It is particularly perfect when paired with the pies prepared from the freshest produce.

And, if you feel tempted to make yourself at home in the region and try growing these delicious fruits yourself, you can! Though, as always, the moving experts from Michael Brooks Moving warn that you should make the decision to move well in advance of the actual moving date so you can plan everything out properly.

Delicious donuts

Who doesn't love donuts! Sure, many people argue they are not the healthiest. But both sugar and carbs are essential for your health. So, as long as you do things in moderation, you will be just fine! New Hampshire takes the preparation of donuts seriously, and they churn out some heavenly examples of the treat. You will have some difficulties sticking to a diet here. Exceptionally high on the deliciousness list are their cider donuts. Featuring both the sublime sweetness and slight acidity that will only open up your appetite more, it can be decidedly hard to stop going back for more. Especially when made out of the apple cider we've already mentioned.

Lake bass recipes

If you want to make an interstate move to New Hampshire, you would likely be tempted to find reliable assistance and just run off to do some fishing while waiting for your move to conclude happily. And why wouldn't you? The area is well-known for the mouth-watering fish, and their fried lake bass is finger-licking good. You could, of course, go to one of the local restaurants and indulge in the food. However, there is something special about catching it yourself before engaging in some old-fashioned barbeque. Even if you are not particularly great at cooking, it is hard to go wrong with that. However, a thing to note is that you should do some light research on which waters you can safely eat fish from. But once you've done that, you'll be good to go!

Maple all around

Delicious, delicious maple syrup. Everyone loves it, and most people tend to use it in their daily lives. At the very least, they do pair it with pancakes. However, it is tough to beat the enthusiasm residents of New Hampshire seem to have for the stuff. Of course, they do use it for pancakes. And their pancakes alone are some of the most iconic New Hampshire foods, partially due to the exceptionally high-quality maple syrup in the area. But they take things a step further and love to mix maple in all sorts of products. Yogurt, milk, you name it. And one of the most delicious products of this is their maple sundae. You will definitely learn more about food and how delicious it can be once you've tried this sweet yet still an oddly mellow treat. Its taste does make it challenging to limit your portions, though!

Representative dairy

New Hampshire produces a lot of dairy products. However, probably the most well-known example of this particular industry from the area is Stonyfield Yogurt. This nationwide popular treat is made entirely from the local produce. Its widespread name already attests to how delicious it is. However, it somehow tastes better when you can get your hands on it fresh from its place of making. There is a unique quality to fresh dairy products that alters their taste and that the store-bought versions can't seem to live up to. So, if you are in New Hampshire, make sure to get your hands on some of these goodies!

Some more advice on the iconic New Hampshire foods

Knowing about all the New Hampshire foods you'll want to eat, you'll likely be tempted to visit the state. So, you should make a memorable experience out of it! Take your family or friends along, and make memories you can cherish. Food, after all, always tastes better when shared with loved ones.

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