May 29, 2016 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Long Live Tripoli: NoGarlicNoOnions Food Trail

This morning like every weekend for the last two months, we go to Tripoli; this tour is special because we are joined by a journalist from Reuters. The Foodie's trail, an initiative by NoGarlicNoOnions aims to showcase the living heart of Lebanon's cities and villages  from a culinary perspective. Culinary we say because food, specially our local creations -envied by the entire world- unites us. Our first stop will be in Tripoli.

It's 8am, time to move to Tripoli. A Pullman awaits to pick up a group of enthusiasts who had previously called or booked their places on NGNO's dedicated website. has been created for people to book their tour or simply plan it on their own.

For this project, NGNO has teamed with the locals. A group of youngsters passionate about their city working hard to show the best it has to offer. Fourteen of them carefully chosen for their compassion and positive vibes to reflect the sole aim of the tour; show the beauty of Lebanon while letting everyone discover the real face of our cities and villages and not what the news tells us.

Before the tour started NoGarlicNoOnions made sure to visit Tripoli several times and implement the our values. Team was intensively trained to show a positive attitude, welcome and help guests, show the best Tripoli has to offer and most importantly speak the food language of NoGarlicNoOnions.

It is not a touristic for but more of a back-to-the-roots or "Discovering a culture" kind of tour where visitors experienced life like the locals, walking be souks and eating the city's daily street food. Ambiance is unmatched.


What you helped us achieve:

  • The happiness and enjoyment of people taking the tour.
  • Everyone is a new ambassador to Tripoli talking about it positively.
  • Investing into the Tripoli economy.
  • Changing people's perception about tripoli.
  • Supporting the local youth.
  • Social media sharing and media interest.
  • Visit of Reuters to the tour and media coverage. Interview on many local magazines. Several food bloggers visit to the tour.
  • #ngnofoodtrail embraced a load of beautiful photos about Tripoli and the happiness of visitors.
  • The team improvement on many levels and the will to continue the tour whatever it takes.
  • The family spirit and interaction between tour guides and guests.
  • An average $15,000 invested in the local community.
  • A dozen videos uploaded on YouTube with close to 200,000 views promoting Tripoli.
  • Listing of the tour on international events websites.

NoGarlicNoOnions will continue its tours around Lebanon with a tour to Baalbeck followed by another one to the south and so on until the totality of the country is covered.

Changing wrong perceptions is the aim; Live Love Lebanon, one of he most beautiful countries on earth without judging citizens of other cities. We are one living hand in hand and enjoying the beauty of his magnificent life.


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