February 06, 2022

11 Restaurants Worth Traveling To

Do you love food? Read about some of the best places to enjoy amazing cuisine. They’re worth the trip we promise!

Michelin stars are the 3-star rating system introduced into the culinary world to highlight the tastiest restaurants from all over the world. In 2021, the Michelin Guides only listed 132 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, out of a potential 15 million restaurants worldwide. The scarcity of the star proves that Michelin starred restaurants are worth a special trip. Here is a list of the 11 restaurants that have that take more into consideration than solely what’s on the plate. 


Stockhome - California 

Stockhome is a family-owned restaurant run by the husband-and-wife team of Roberth and Andrea Sundell that has three Michelin stars and is a "restaurant worth making a special trip" for. The couple has brought flavors and textures from Stockholm to Petaluma, their adopted hometown.  

Stockhome is a cherry-minimalist haven with all the right bells and whistles. Pickled herring, hearty meatballs, a classic dill-shrimp salad with avocado, and farm-fresh berries on giant pancakes! 

Maaemo - Oslo 

This dramatic restaurant features a high-ceilinged dining room and an open kitchen with theatrical lights, which contributes to an exceptional dining experience. It is said that time slows down in this area. The dishes are expertly crafted, and the serving staff can passionately explain each dish. Oslo, Norway, is also one of the most environmentally conscious cities, Maaemo having earned a green Michelin star in addition to its three regular stars.  

"All of our produce is either biodynamic, organic, or wild," says the CEO. “We try to be as waste-free as possible, and all food waste is used on our farms.” 


Restaurant Azurmendi – Spain 

A restaurant in the heart of the countryside that focuses on creativity, the dining experience, and sustainability, with three Michelin stars and one green Michelin star. Even though his dishes are already at the top of the charts, head chef Eneko Atxa reimagines them on a regular basis. 

Chicago's Alinea Restaurant 

Chef Grant Achatz's multisensory dining experience has been described as "theatrical" in the Michelin Guide's Point of View. The restaurants use sentient vapors, tricks, and tabletop preparations to engage all of your senses; diners who have had this experience claim that even if you close your eyes, you can tell what course was just prepared. The restaurant has three Michelin stars. 

New York's Eleven Madison Park 

Chef Daniel Humm's expert and perfectionist approach extends beyond the cuisine to the décor and seating arrangements, demonstrating his love of his craft in front of his customers. The courses are so well thought out that each new plate is often described as an extension of the previous dish. The pastry team will ensure that your meal concludes properly, further elevating your dining experience. Three Michelin stars have been awarded to Eleven Madison Park. 

Restaurant Osteria Francescana – Italy 

It is not only home to excellent cuisine worthy of three Michelin stars but also to the co-founder of "food for Soul," earning the restaurant a Green Michelin Star.  

"With my wife, I founded "Food for Soul," an organization that aims to combat food waste and promote social inclusion," Massimo Bottura says. Excess food from local markets and supermarkets is used to prepare the meals that we serve to vulnerable people in our refectories. Our goal is to show that this approach is extremely effective in improving conditions for both people and food ecosystems. 

Aponiente - Spain 

Aponiente is Angel León's fantasy culinary word, which has taken his dishes in uncharted directions thanks to his technical skill, creativity, and the holder of his heart, the sea, infusing delicacies even The Little Mermaid would be proud of. He has three Michelin stars and a green Michelin star for Aponiente. 

Cenador de Amós- Spain 

"An excellent mix of contrasting textures and tastes that blends the contemporary and the traditional," most critics say after ordering a plate at this lovely establishment. Cenador de Amós was awarded three Michelin stars as well as a green star. 


Cheval Blanc - France 

This elegant restaurant incorporates antique elements to ensure that the wonderful experience does not end on the plate but also elevates the dining experience. It is a three-Michelin-starred riverside restaurant. 

Cinq - Francs 

Le Cinq has established a memorable tradition in which waiters dress up in uniform and proceed to perform dazzling ballet while customers dine on dishes prepared by culinary wizard Christian Le Squer, the head chef.  

Final thoughts

Michelin stars are only given to the best restaurants based not only on the dishes but also on the overall dining experience, assuring that your time is spent in the best possible way. Every restaurant on this list has three Michelin stars and is well worth the extra effort to get to. Who knows, perhaps you might be able to make it to all of the restaurants on this list!


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