July 15, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Jallab: The One and Only at Al Antabli

I never thought that I would actually sit and write about a Jallab drink… But I couldn’t help myself with emotions while tasting the one at Al Antabli in Mar Elias.


For as long as I remember, Jellab has always been considered a sweet drink people enjoy mainly during Ramadan, but this one is simply different. Adequately sweetened, grapes molasses, the scent of fragrant oil of Bakhoor especially imported from Saudi Arabia… 

Every sip of Al Antabli’s Jellab takes you on a journey around the Middle Easts with its intense aromas and flavors of Bakhoor mixed with light sweetness offered at the end. Of course you’ll enjoy the taste of Jellab or the grapes molasses. 


Am I expressing myself enough? You may think I am exaggerating, but this drink made me see Jallab in a whole new light… I sipped it slowly in the middle of Ramadanyat Beyroutiya event and wrote about it. It deserves to be tasted.

Al Antabli, Mar Elias

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