August 26, 2013

Meet the New Platinum Label from Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker welcomes the new Platinum Label to its family. The Platinum Label, priced at about $110 a bottle, is designed to fit into the Johnnie Walker line of blended scotches, between the Black and Blue Labels. 


Like the rare and precious metal for which it's named, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is rich and refined – delivering the depth and complexity expected from a full flavored Johnnie Walker blend. Crafted from single malt and grain whiskies, each matured for a minimum of eighteen years, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is a complex, delicate, smoky blend harboring deep layers of flavor that perfectly balance the diverse character of the distilleries from which it came and the wooden casks in which it has rested.

"Since the days of John Walker, private blends have played an important role in the House of Walker. It's the smaller, exclusive settings and experiences that often produce the best memories," said Master Blender Jim Beveridge. "We blended Johnnie Walker Platinum Label as a whisky to be enjoyed responsibly during those treasured moments."

Master Blender Jim Beveridge draws the whiskies in this blend from a limited number of casks, carefully selected from only twenty to twenty-five distilleries due to their exceptional character.  Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is a skillful blend of style and substance artfully crafted by Beveridge.

The recommended serve for Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is neat or with a few drops of distilled water.  The water unlocks the richness of the preciously crafted 18-year old whisky and releases a drange of aromas from tart tangerines to woody almonds and creates a deeply satisfying tangy and fruitful flavor profile.

"Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is the brand's biggest product launch since the introduction of Blue Label," said Brian Radics, Director of Scotch Whisky, Diageo. "It has been received extremely well globally.  The quality of the liquid and the flavor of the whisky will continue to bolster our position as the world's leading Scotch whisky brand."






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