January 16, 2017 Paris France Europe

Jour: Your Fresh Eatery in Paris
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats Healthy Treats

"Jour", or 'Day' in English, is a healthy eatery inspired from the United States "Chop't". Grab a ready made salad, a sandwich or walk to the bar and watch your salad being prepared a la minute out of 12 different preset options. It's so fresh and beautifully lit. The vibes are positive inside out.


Look at the details around you. They make a difference. The green corner where special herbs are grown, the lights used that mimic the color of daylight, the green logo and green signboards as well as the menu and the fresh fruit cocktail corner behind the counter.

There's a selection of vegetables on the counter, ready to be mixed in a carton bowl. You name it, they have it. You can also add hot ingredients from a selection of metallic casseroles. Prepare, pay and sit for a light meal.

Back at the fridge, a selection of sandwiches awaits. Flatbread, mainly chicken choices, two soups... they even have ready cooked meals. A selection of fresh drinks and unconventional mixes pairs well with this type of food.

What grabbed my attention is the black chalkboard on which the source of every ingredient used by the restaurant is listed.


Now for the food: tasteless!

  • Generously filled bowl, fresh greens, toasted bread, tomatoes and cheese. The Mediterranean mix salad is below average. It needs freshness, more passion, more life.
  • The quinoa salad is tasteless! Literally zero taste.
  • Hummus is drastically bad!
  • Pieces of lettuce in the salad are too big. 
  • The winter treat salad looks good but that's it, no taste, a lack of sauce, badly toasted crouton chunks and the duck is so badly presented that you don't know what you're eating.
  • The pre-prepared spinach tart is not bad. The pastry could be crispier.
  • Bread is hard: pay attention not to loose a tooth.

I also tried the curcuma, ginger and carrot drink mix with pineapple and mint; a tasty and beneficial combination. The iced tisane infusion is not bad as well.


The minuses:

  • Staff don't wear hair nets.
  • Food is tasteless: more sauce and flavor required.

The pluses:

  • Young, fresh and trendy. The concept is attractive.


  • I loved the idea and concept, but not the food.

"Jour" is the start of a series of fresh fast eateries coming to Europe soon. Give it a try.

Suitable For: Quick Eats Healthy Treats





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