February 01, 2017 Paris France Europe

Jacques Genin: Pieces of Chocolate Art

I'm not sure why but I felt like walking into a chocolate store as I walked down Rue de Turenne. Not one of the popular names around, Jacques Genin whets your appetite the second you step in. I grabbed a box of chocolates and artisanal pastry and headed back to Lebanon. A whole week passed and I hadn't opened the box yet, until one beautiful Monday morning at the clinic, I decided to give these chocolates a try... and I said; OMG!


A metallic box filled with beautifully decorated square chocolates, each one a work of art. A splash of color on some, flowers on others, doodling on some... green petals, smooth or rough finish... each is different and explained by the tasting guide distributed with every box.

66% cocoa for the dark chocolate and 33% for the ones created with milk. The many ingredients you can find in these bonbons are cream, butter, honey, coffee, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, mint, basil, orange, lemon, dried fruits and much more. I had two and then three and continued until I finished half the box. They're really amazing... I previously had two favorite chocolatier in Paris and now I have a third.

These pieces of chocolates offer the texture I like: they are not sticky or sandy, they are intense in flavor yet not buttery, with after notes that take you on a journey of taste. Yummy! And surely recommended.


I loved their textures, the rich flavors hidden within, the intensity of the ingredients in each square and especially the after note that follows you for long lingering minutes after. If you're not ready to finish the box make sure not to start, they're really addictive.

I loved them so much that I would definitely grab another box next time I'm in Paris.





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