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La Bastide Saint Antoine: Famous Starred Chef Jacques Chibois
Non-smokers friendly
Fine Dining

Phone Number: +33 4 93 70 94 94

Address: 48 Avenue Henri Dunant, Grasse, France

Website: http://www.jacques-chibois.com

Price Range: 200-250 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 9.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

"You cannot come to the Cote D'Azur without trying Chef Jacques Chibois "unique cuisine", says my father-in-law... And he is right.


La Bastide Saint-Antoine in Grasse is surrounded by grounds spanning five hectares with lush Mediterranean vegetation set amidst olive groves. La Bastide commands views of the surrounding plains and the Bay of Cannes and offers a wealth of pleasures for the eye, palate, and spirit.


Grand Chef Jacques Chibois: “My cuisine is created with flavors, fragrances, and lightness. It is also personalized  elegant, simple, precise, and leaves ample room for pleasure, taste, and beauty. It is unforgettable cuisine, food one would like to share as a way of conveying a certain, very special way of life.” In his cuisine, chef Chibois uses many unique ingredients that bring together a number of ingredients that blend and contrast for the ultimate in taste and aroma, a delight for the eye and palate. He also makes sure to use lots of flowers that have the same role as herbs and spices, but also provide their own charming beauty to dishes, adding an unusual flair and flavor, as well as a freshness instantly recognized by the palate, and a healthy dimension, even in the medicinal sense. It also serves as homage to the town of Grasse, renowned as the perfume and flower capital of the world.

With a wine list that boasts more than 1,600 wines expect to me mesmerized.


We arrived at 8pm to the beautiful mansion considered by many as one of the finest five star hotels in France and were seated outside on the beautiful terrace overviewing the village mountains. Everything was prepared to perfection around the green grass. Round tables, amazingly beautiful table setup, covered with white light fabrics and covered with silverware, porcelain plates and crystal glasses. I loved the unique glass water cups and the grey table napkins that give this setup a unique touch. Each and every plate is branded with golden olive leaves, Chef Chibois' favourite cooking ingredient.


We Ordered:

  • Les premières Morilles fondues en Sabayon d’Herbes fraiches 70€
  • Le Papillon de Langoustines en émulsion de pulpe d’Orange à l’Huile d’Olive et Basilic 68€
  • L’Escalope de Foie Gras Dorée avec ses Grains de Raisins sur ses Légumes rouges accompagnée de sa Corolle de Crème de Noix 50€
  • Les grosses Asperges en jaune et noir avec leur glace Foie Gras, Pétales de Jeunes Pousses 60€
  • Le Saint Pierre aux Asperges et Fenouil, Jus de Pélargonium et Cyprès 65€
  • Le Dos de Veau de lait du limousin declinaison d'Aubergines aux Câpres Sèches 50€
  • L’Agneau de lait sur sa caillette émiettée, sauté d’Artichaut, Févettes, Fenouil à la sauge 65€
  • Le Pigeon sur son Risotto d’Artichaut aux Truffes et Petits Pois 65€
  • Le Millefeuille de Pommes Sautées avec sa Sauce Caramel 15€
  • Le Palet pur Chocolat agrémenté d’Eclats de Cacao 24€
  • Le Delicieux Chocolat 25€
Dinner started with style and ended with passion:
  • Mise en bouche: Mouse au selleries, Caviar d'aubergine, Gaspacho de tomate. Tomate cerise sur une mousse safranée
  • Petite surprise: Filet de pageot, déposé sur une purée de genouillé, crème citron, émulsion de berose: Soft and tender, Crunchy feel, lemony after taste, warm and full of taste. The eyes are fulfilled before even starting.
  • A generous basket of bread walks around every 15 minutes
  • A plate of different mini miniardises desserts were offered: Chocolate mousse on a biscuit, macarons and Turkish delights
The food is just out of this world. Chef Jacques Chibois simply produces magic. No matter what I say here, I won't be able to describe what I ate and with any justice. I can only tell you that I was amazed. I will simply leave you to appreciate these beautiful images and imagine the aromas, flavors and tastes that are hidden inside.
The desserts are even better than the actual plates:
  • Thin apple pastry dough filled with tiny apple cubes and floating in a caramel emulsion: Adequately sweetened, crunchy and full of aromas and flavors. What a fine piece of art this is.
  • Chocolate with cardamom, served cold and fresh with a chocolate croquant and a soft mousse
  • The real chocolate dessert is a sculpture you'll hesitate to break. Beautiful presentation of thin chocolate slices, hosting a cream inside
The little details I loved:
  • Cuisine des senteurs: A menu full of aromas and flavors
  • Unique glass water cups
  • A candle on every table add a fine ambiance to the terrace
  • Parasols protect from humidity
  • Grass middle court surrounded by tables on all sides
  • A thick wine menu has all the choices of the world
  • Member of Relais et Châteaux and Les Grandes tables du Monde
  • Porcelain plates with gold olive branches decorate them
  • Silver cutlery and Laguiole knives
  • Grey design chairs
  • Olive oil on the tables
  • Cushions for women purses near every table
  • The cheese trolley passed next to us: It is mouthwatering
Beautiful expressions used by the head waiter that make you smile:
  • "Je vous laisse un peu de lecture"
  • "Est ce que les saveurs étaient au rendez vous"
  • "Maitre Jacques travaille pour vous, il ne vous a pas oublié"
  • "Désiriez vous la carte des desserts?"
Two temptations among so many at La Bastide, but Jacques Chibois’ passion for these products is felt and savored throughout the year at La Bastide, particularly at the January truffle market:
  • Olive oil: Olive oil has vintages, just as wine does, with good years and bad years. And, like wine, olive oil is used in the preparation of many dishes, and even desserts.
  • Truffles: Each year, on the second Saturday of January and in cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture and the truffle growers’ union, Jacques Chibois organizes a vast truffle market which regularly sees a tremendous turnout. And for 4 months of the year, the “Black Gold” makes its presence felt on the menu. This pearl of the woodlands, the magical apple, this priceless diamond in cuisine can, “on certain occasions, make women more tender and men more lovable,” says Alexandre Dumas. This underground mushroom, known since the dawn of time, piques the human imagination and represents a veritable gastronomic treasure.
A dreamlike experience which ended at 1am and back to the hotel we couldn't but revise this unique experience that will stay in our minds for long. I will be back for sure and hopefully really soon.
Suitable For: Fine Dining





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