July 15, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

NGNO’s Top 10 List: 2011's Best Traditional Lebanese Restaurants in Lebanon
Authentic & Traditional


1- Fouad, Hrajel Fouad is a small restaurant in Nabe3 el Mghara, Hrajel located far away from the tourists and the main road. A few know it since the owner, Fouad, doesn’t know anything about marketing the place, but this is just it! The best authentic Lebanese restaurant serving food the way our ancestors used to prepare them. No advertising is needed as the restaurant is always fully booked. (Read More)

2- Chebli, Naas Bickfaya Chebli restaurant in Naas, a few minutes from the village of Bickfaya in Metn, has been catering to Lebanese food lovers for past couple of years. The place attracts both Lebanese and tourists as it’s food is great and it’s setting is even more appealing. (Read More)

3- Al Falamanki, Achrafieh Not only is Falamanki a place to enjoy a good hubble bubble, not only is it a favorite after party hot spot for many, not only is it a place where a lot of people go to enjoy good Lebanese food for breakfasts, lunch or dinner,  but Al Falamanki is the place you go to simply enjoy your time, mingle in a nice a nice atmosphere, meet friends and make new ones, conduct business deals... any time of the day. It's open 24/7. (Read More)

4- Al Chalouf, Jezzine Seated on the highest point of the famous Jezzine waterfall, 75 meters over the valley, AL-Chalouf provides a great view off the sea. It is a restaurant like any other Lebanese restaurant in Lebanon but the only difference between Al-Chalouf and others in the region is the fact that they serve top notch food quality. I say that because the reputation of the food in the region has not been super in the past couple of years. (Read More)

5- Kahwet Leila, Gemmayze I have a new favorite spot in town, and that’s Kahwet Leila. From the same people that brought us Leila, the chain of restaurants that we’ve all loved so much over the past few years, this latest addition opened on the Gemmayze main strip. It has a unique and very creative identity, taking you back in time to a Beirut that we only read about in books or heard about from our parents and grandparents. (Read More)

6- Enab, Gemmayze You’re welcome to an old Lebanese house, modernized in a way that caters to the needs of the modern and trendy guest. There is a beautiful old stairway that leads you up to the restaurant’s entrance, with walls decorated with dried vegetables. A nice authentic touch that reminds me of an old Lebanese village somehow. (Read More)

7- Al Ferdaws, Ehden  Al Ferdaws is a known property of Ehden situated on Nabeh Mar Sarkis Street.

8- Batrouniyat, Batroun This huge Lebanese old house built at the beginning of the 20th century and renovated last year hosts many different sections: The restaurant or ballroom, the inner court, the kitchen and the Mouneh shop. At Batrouniyat where local food is served, many other activities can be organized such as weddings and private seminars. (Read More)

9- Shater Hassan, Tripoli (Review Coming Soon) Shater Hassan Palace is one of the most famous places in Tripoli. The institution goes back to ages ago, but the Ras Maska branch was opened in 2009. Nested on a cliff near the sea, the restaurant has a stunning view. Besides the exceptional location, Shater Hassan’s interior design makes you travel to the stories of 1001 nights: huge space, high ceiling, crystal chandeliers, arcades, oriental garments on the ceiling and walls, all in a mix of warm and living colors.

10- Aaind Chaker, Faqra Kfardebian Nice local homemade food. 

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