February 18, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Kampai: The Food Color Speaks Volumes

It's nice to see that a few places in Lebanon are always full.  Surely, they must be doing something right. Every time I walk into Kampai, located in the heart of Downtown, it is full. Of course on Valentines day, there was no exception.    photo 3 My friend and I decided to pamper ourselves with some good Japanese food and a glass of white wine so we went to Kampai. We ordered a selection of maki, eel sushi, crunchy salmon salad and seaweed salad and to start with an order of edamame. We sat near the bar on a high table with two high stools near a huge glass facade. A view of the street  allows this positive vibe in - a much needed feeling that's lacking. The food looks amazingly fresh. The colors are vivid - a true feast for your eyes. photo 4 The service was prefect and waiters were attentive, smiling and caring and the best part was the heart chocolate served at the end with the bill. Wet napkins were served at the end and I loved their new personalized ones. The waiter placed one in front of each one of us, pressed on the button, and popped out came a small rolled up wet napkin. I was like a little kid who just discovered something new. I liked the idea a lot. photo 1 Although the food was good and fresh, the rice kept falling apart every time I held each piece with my chopsticks. I made a mess to tell you the truth. Kampai is a fresh place, where guests as well as the staff are happy to be there... and some good news ahead, Kampai is expanding with a new terrace on it's way.          
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