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Kingfisher Bar, Pitlochry Scotland

We toured all the village, I mean we walked the streets and didn't find any restaurant that would serve us food except a bar loaded with people. It seems everyone gathers around here to watch the games or play pool.


Before moving further, let me tell you about this little town. Everyone sleeps early, food is served until 8 or 9 in all restaurants and most importantly the beers are not tasty. We're tried them all, some are hot, others are sweet or without alcohol. I wished I could feel the hops in just one of them. Searching and trying to enjoy a decent beer we finally ordered the Guinness Black.

The place is well lit, over lit and too noisy in fact. Almost all the men are in tee shirts despite the cold outside and were drinking one beer after the other. The pool tables are on the left, the large bar occupies the main area while TVs all over the place display the latest football match. 

The Kingfisher bar offers a varied menu of starters and main plates, all of which revolve around meat and local Scottish specialties. Starters and main events as well as burgers. We felt like having a burger tonight. I had it with additional pulled pork on top.

We paid and were invited to sit. A basket was given to us including a mayonnaise bottle, mustard, ketchup and malt vinegar. The tables were numbered to help the staff with the orders, tables that are a bit sticky and were in need of cleaning.

Interesting town, to say the least... I think I'll come visit during day but won't spend the night next time.


A tender bun filled with a thick and juicy minced meat. The burger was good. I loved its correct flavors and textures, especially with the pulled pork I ordered on top. On this square board comes very thick fries and a spicy tomato sauce which fits perfectly well with the burger. A salad on the side and that's it. For the £10 price tag, I found the portion to be generous and the taste to be very good.

The fries deserve a line of their own. Thickly cut fries each two centimeters in width, so huge they needed four to five bites to be devoured. Lightly firm on the outside and extremely soft on the inside and offering a smooth, yellow color.

I liked the experience and wasn't expecting to eat something good.





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