July 11, 2020 Badaro Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Kudeta: An International Bistro Serving Tasty Food in Badaro

Despite its name, Kudeta Café is much more than just a coffee shop. This bistro bar is a musical oasis that gives Badaro’s energetic nightshift a fittingly jazzy tone. Throughout the week the café comes alive with musical performances and other events. Patrons can enjoy Kudeta’s bluesy motif from the shaded patio area or in front of the indoor stage, complete with piano and drum kit.


The menu has an array of food options with French undertones like sandwiches, platters and deserts at fairly average prices around ten to twenty thousand lira. To please the regulars as well as those with taste buds for something new, there is a daily dish that is always reinventing itself. The bar is well equipped to handle most requests but it’s recommended to try one of the venue’s specialty cocktails.


As one of the area’s more established venues, Kudeta’s classy ambiance has drawn a loyal following of professionals that frequent the café. With its upscale vibe but accessible prices, this bistro bar remains a great place to take a date and has a little something for everyone, especially the musically inclined. (SoBeirut)



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