October 13, 2018 Paris France Europe

Lebanon’s Glace Bashir-Paris is one of the Capital’s Best!
Non-smokers friendly
Healthy Treats

It feels so good to see a “Lebanese” place having 770 reviews on Google Maps with a score of 4,6/5. It makes a Lebanese wants to support such a brand which makes it on the 17th place over 338 dessert addresses in Paris on Trip Advisor because Glace Bachir is proudly Lebanese.



Lebanese from Bickfaya selling one of Paris’ best ice cream and preparing it with organic ingredients. It’s my second time here leaving impressed and satisfied. Be Lebanese, be proud, support a fellow citizen and enjoy an amazing ice cream in the heart of Paris. It's tastier than the one we have in Lebanon, less commercial, more flavorful and natural. Bravo!

Suitable For: Healthy Treats


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