July 16, 2012

Lebanon’s Restaurants Hubs 106: Verdun

Verdun one of Beirut's busiest areas. Big centers, offices, shopping centers and more, Verdun is always crowded. Coffee shops, shisha spots, quick bites, healthy bites... it has it all. It's perfect for a business lunch meeting... Check out what we have spotted.  



Leila, with several outlets around town, remains one of Beirut's popular Lebanese restaurant. The vibes are positive and take you back to when things were simpler and nice. Enjoy a great selection of authentic Lebanese food in a nice, nostalgic yet modern atmosphere.

Leila, Verdun, 961-1-738638



If you're in the area and want to grab a good fresh sandwich, or salad, Lina's is the place. The menu has a variety of sandwich salads, coffee, desserts to suit all taste. Ask for their daily specials and don't forget to try their cheesecake.

Lina's Cafe, Verdun, +961-1-735500


CAFE BLANC, Lebanese Cuisine:

Cafe Blanc, Lebanese cuisine with a twist. It's a place where east meets west. Lebanese dishes are presented in a modern way. The contemporary setting, with waiters wearing the traditional Lebanese pants (sherwals) but made from denim, attracts both young and old crowd who want to have good Lebanese food.

Cafe Blanc, Verdun, +961-1-211120


AMORE, Restaurant:

Amore in a Verdun is a place to go and chill. It's a popular hangout among locals who come to enjoy a shisha and some good traditional Lebanese sandwiches.

Amore, Verdun, +9611795252



Casper&Gambini's, coffee house, restaurant, healthy bites... all in one. Located in Dune's center, Verdun, C&G is a perfect place to have good and tasty food yet keep feeling light. From edamame, to halloumi skewers, to salads, burgers and much more, C&G a great stop if you're in the area. Casper&Gambini's, Verdun, +961-1-797797



Roadster Diner is one of Lebanon's leading diners and can be found in most places around Lebanon. Verdun has it's own, where young and old alike come in for a good American diner style meal. Enjoy a good fulfilling meal.

Roadster Diner, Verdun, +961-1-803603



Simple and tasty, Le Relais de Entrcote is a place where you can go enjoy good meat with fries and amazingly tasty entrcote sauce. No need for any menus, just say how you would like to have your meat and the food keeps coming. A set menu that leaves full.

Le Relais de Entrecote, Verdun, +961-1-863111 Relais +961-1-863111


MANDARINE, Cafe Restaurant :

Originally known for its good food and entertainment since the 70's, Mandarine is one of the first outlets that hospitality giants, Boubess Group launched. Over 30 years after, the place is still a focal point for trendy restaurants-goers. With an international choice of food, Mandarine can be enjoyed by many.
Mandarine, Verdun, +961-1-781000


BOB'S Easy Diner:

If you're looking for a laid back atmosphere to enjoy diner style food, then Bob's your uncle - as the saying goes. Bob's Diner in Verdun welcomes you into its colorful space where a variety of salads, appetizers, burger, platters and desserts await you. Try their Mushroom n' Swiss burger followed by their Orea milk shake.

Bob's Diner, Verdun, +961-1-860111  

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