February 19, 2016

M de Noir is Full of Tasty Discoveries (Business Closed)

Phone Number: +961 71 223 240

Address: Street 1، Qornet Chahwouane, Metn, Lebanon ( 10:00AM - 06:00PM)

Website: http://www.mdenoir.com

Price Range: 10-100 $

Ok so now you know my love for this chocolate shop called “M de Noir” full of surprises and discoveries. Other than the chocolate they also have spreads and jams and lately I couldn't but show my amazement for their gourmet marshmallows.


This morning, I received a bag at the clinic.

The chocolate spread: It's simply marvelous! A real chocolate spread using 70% chocolate to create a creation that's awesome. A clear consistency, hard but spreadable, doesn't feel oily, rich in flavors, full bodied, homogeneous and surely amazing. A spread for the connoisseurs, an innovation

Marshmallows, made in Lebanon, two kinds of them, a yellow one with mango and pineapple, marshmallows with a firm texture, a chewy tender feel and a rich taste. Lightly acidic and not sweet, flavors well equilibrated making the cheap unhealthy American marshmallow havenow a new meaning.


Raspberry marshmallows are even better, no acid feel, a light pink color and long lasting after note. Looking at them opens your appetite. They're pale, extremely fluffy like a pillow and ready to be laid on your tongue... Press it up your palate and let the flavors escape around your buds. Wasn't expecting them to be that good. I'm not a marshmallow fan but those are really good.

Not only that but I also got their valentine special heart box. Fine chocolate filled with a ganache of caramel with salt flower another with fruit pulp filling and a third with spices from Sri Lanka. Its a heart-shaped chocolate, bite into it and prepare yourself to be amazed. The ganache filling is unreal! Thank you for adding enjoyment to my weekend.

Fine chocolates? M de Noir it is!





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