March 13, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Magnolia Bakery: Amazing Pastries, Too Many Useless Waiters (Restaurant Closed)

Too many cooks spoil the broth as the saying goes... At Magnolia, the saying would apply to the waiters. The small place at the bottom floor of ABC Dbayeh has so many waiters swarming the place but unfortunately, most of them are useless. The only reason I am complaining is because I plan on coming back, as Magnolia serves some of the best cupcakes around... I like Magnolia Bakery and have tried the one in New York City... As a customer, I ask you to please train your staff better and follow International standards...


I was there on Friday afternoon and although I was craving for some of the delicious pies only found at Magnolia, I became so irritated with the number of waiters marching around the place as I waited impatiently for my order.

magnolia_Lebanon-NGNO7 We ordered

  • Two Chocolate cupcakes
  • 1 Vanilla Cupcakes
  • 1 Banana Ice Box Cream Pie
  • 1 Peanut Butter Ice Box Pie
  • Latte as well as a cup of tea


Ten minutes later one chocolate cupcake arrives. The waitress told us the second will come in a bit, why? Why not bring them all or at least the 2 chocolate cupcakes together... I didn't get it... Latte then came and a cup of hot water for the tea, but no tea. Luckily my sister had a mint tea sachet in her bag... But we waited and waited and said now it will come and nothing came... and we are still waiting... The rest of the order was late. I looked around for the waitress attending to our table and she was no where to be found... So many others were walking around, I would call them and ask them where our order is and they would say it's coming, its coming... I see them in the fridge, all they need is to get them!

After waiting another while, a long while that is, and I honestly became furious. Try to calm four kids down with just one cup... where's the rest!


I then saw my order, at least part of it near the cashier. I thought great, its coming... Nothing came. I stood up and walked to the cashier and said, this is my order and I am taking them. I took the plates and walked to my table. No service yet, I needed some forks and knives. The cashier noticed I was lost... and again I tell you so many waiters walking around uselessly. The cashier left her station, got me napkins and forks and knives and dropped them to our table with a smile and an apology. Thank you. But it's not her job...

By the way, no tea yet... It never came...

The Banana Cream Ice Box Pie is to die for. I have not tasted anything so good in a while. Ever since I was a little girl I would buy and crave for everything in banana flavor, fresh juices, chewing-gum, cakes... Now as an adult I satisfy my craving with the Bahamas cake at Pate a Choux only because of its fresh banana flavor. Yummy. Now I have discovered my new favorite banana craze. This I will not share with anyone - come hungry and eat the whole thing in a second. Fresh light cream covering fresh banana's mixed with pastry cream on a crust - I would add more crust mix to the whole recipe...

The Peanut Butter Ice Box Pie, first and foremost, you should share this with others - there's no way you can have it all. It's heavy yet very tasty and very fresh. I loved it, but I couldn't have more than a few bites. The cupcakes were eaten in a second. The cream on top, although a bit heavy, is good. Better than when they first started, where it used to be a bit crunchy.


I liked

  • Fresh flowers that are changed daily on all tables
  • At the cashier, there are candles in a small jar, perfect for a quick birthday celebrations
  • Plastic spoons at the cashier to go with your take away orders
  • The open kitchen where the amazing smell calls you to come eat
  • Watching some of the pastry chefs at work, its nice to see how cupcakes are being decorated with cream and sprinkles


The Mess:

  • There should be less waiters around, too much people in such a small place
  • The tables should be separated more from one another, I know its a small place and you're trying to fit more people, but its a bit uncomfortable...

Some of your waiters are a simple disaster! Do something about it.






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