May 09, 2016 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Malak el Abawat: Fawaregh and Kroush in Tripoli

Newly opened in Tripoli, Malak el Abawat is a small restaurant that sells freshly prepared Fawaregh, Kroush, Rass Nifa, Nkha3 and Kabawat, hence the name Abwat that means intestines and the neighbors. If you’re a fan of this kind of food you just found a good place to try it…


One chef standing at the end of the room behind his many set ups, each hosting one item, handles a restaurant. Order and be served after he's taken it entirely from heating in the fire behind him. Lemon juice, olive oil and garlic with a bit of salt and pepper, everything is added for more enjoyment.

Plates are also served with fresh vegetables and Tripoli's daily bread.

Usually this type of food is made at home and rarely found at restaurants. Malak el Abawat is your address on Tripoli's Al Rifaiyeh road, between the old souks, at the end of Souk el Attarin.


They're delicious clean and non-fatty and tender. Fawaregh is great, not fatty and sticky with a tender heart; the Kroush is enjoyed with delicious spices; while the Nkha3at are tender like butter and try not to miss the the famous Rass Niffa, one of the world's most tender meat.

Malak el Kabawat, an unconventional stop in Tripoli.

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