February 17, 2016 Milan Italy Europe

Malpenza Terminal 1, Gates B: The Business Lounge Sala Montale
Non-smokers friendly

The last time I traveled through this airport I went to the A gate side and passed by a lounge called Monteverdi, which back then I thought was kind of unacceptable. Back to Beirut this morning, Middle East and Skyteam flights now leave Milan from gates B, the Sala Montale.


A beautiful lounge indeed, Italian design and fine architecture, simple lines, large and wide glass facades with a view of the tarmac, a white ceiling and reflective floor in a lounge where you'll find a hundred leather sofas set in lines. 

The first impression is interesting. A circular counter, a buffet occupies the right side and an open view of the airport with a 180-degree panorama that captures your attention. Grey and brown sofas, a cafe area with tables, bars facing the glass facades and a business area with large touch screens. Showers, toilets, a family room, a smoking room and a hidden silent room with beds. 


On the menu is a selection of drinks and alcoholic beverages, cereals, sandwiches, two coffee machines, fruits, cheese and cold cuts, biscuits, noodle cups and champagne. You won't find any hot dishes unless those are served for lunch.

A super speedy Internet, a relaxing lounge. Now you know what to expect.





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