December 28, 2015

Mark Daou Blog: NoGarlicNoOnions, Lebanon Man of the Year 2015

Thank you for this award... Thank you for believing...  I am speechless!

To win this title you need to beat the following ‘person’ who did the following achievements (try to guess who won it this year):

  1. Revive Downtown Beirut.
  2. Resurrect a mountain town like Brummana.
  3. Support Lebanese talent in winning global sandwich competitions.
  4. Improve the quality of food, restaurant service in the country.
  5. Launch a roaming event that sets alive various cities and towns in Lebanon like Byblos.
  6. Start a TV show that got  people to discover the great destinations in Lebanon and its unique foods.
  7. Maintain the highest publishing rate as a blog and on various social media.
  8. Be recognized as the authority on culinary experiences in Lebanon.

It is beyond a doubt in my opinion that a dentist, married, with kids can achieve all of the above in a year and not win the title of #manoftheyear.

All the challenges of 2015 and hardships were overcome by many Lebanese when they attended No Garlic No Onion events. Souk el akel, Christmas festival, Broumana, Byblos…. Or just tuned in through social media or watched MTV Alive’s Sunday morning segment.

The great work of No Garlic No Onions in 2015 is the single biggest vote of  confidence in Lebanon and the biggest eye opener on how much the people of this country can create life, happiness, and great moments.

Without any further adue… the winner is Anthony Rahayel and the team of NGNO.

Man of the year 2015: Anthony Rahayel from No Garlic No Onions

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