June 11, 2014

McDonald's Collection of World Cup Burgers

As the entire world gears up for the World Cup, McDonald's is one step ahead. Never failing to realize a marketing opportunity, McDonald's is at the ready with a special collection of World Cup Sandwiches. In honor of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, more than 800 McDonald's locations in Brazil will offer sandwiches based on the international soccer teams. n-SANDWICHES-large570 The fast food chain has created seven sandwiches, honoring Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA. Each sandwich will be offered on one day of the week. They're available now until at least June 25th. mcbrasil As the official restaurant of the World Cup, McDonald's wanted to "bring the international flavor of the FIFA World Cup tournament to [its] loyal and soccer-loving customers in Brazil," Woods Staton, CEO and President of Arcos Dorados, the largest McDonald's franchisee in the world, including McDonald's locations in Brazil, said in a press release. Seeing how McDonald's views the world through sandwiches is quite interesting. Apparently France and Spain like crispy chicken, while Germany prefers "rib meat." We'll hand it to them for giving the U.S. barbecue sauce, but we're fearful of France's melted cream cheese. This article originally published on Huffington Post
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