August 09, 2012

Meet Shut the Duck Up Burger - A Double Fois Gras Burger

Intriguing name... Intriguing ingredients... Shut the Duck Up Burger, is a controversial burger recently released.

Why controversial?

The burger is made with Fois Gras, which is illegal to sell in California. This is a double Fois Gras burger... I would love to try this one...

Created by chef Jason Quinn of The Playground restaurant in Orange County, the new burger comes as a double instance of his popular, now off-the-menu Playground Burger that many call the best burger they’ve ever had. For those unfamiliar, the Playground Burger traditionally comes with a Wagyu chuck & dry-age ribeye torchon patty, Tomme de Savoie and a ration of maple-bourbon onions. With Quinn’s latest creation, he doubles the brand’s trademark patty, and tops it all with some beautifully prepared foie gras. While it remains illegal to sell foie in California restaurants, loopholes remain intact that allow establishments to basically give the meat away through their own creative means.  

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