May 19, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Momo's Unacceptable Behavior: Arrogance and Unprofessionalism (Restaurant Closed)

I am aware that NoGarlicNoOnions is a blog covering all restaurants in Lebanon and wished to share my experience with a bunch of colleagues last week at Momo's Lounge. I posted my complaint on Momo's FB page and was responded to the next day by their management asking me to send my contact information to handle my complaint directly. However, to my surprise, my comment on their page was deleted after they responded to me!


Below is what I wrote:

Was meaning to enjoy a nice drink with colleagues last Tuesday at Momo's lounge. We were the first to arrive @ 5:30 ; after a few drinks and some food we were told by the waiter that we should order the bill because the table is reserved, although he had just taken a new order from us thus asking to drink quickly and leave.

This would have been ok if the message was conveyed courteously, but the waiter was extremely rude and unprofessional, almost asking us to leave and eventually suggesting that we "may" be offered a table outside if we wish. At this point we were disappointed from the terrible service, rude attitude and not being informed first hand about the table reservation and wanted to make a quick exit. What made things even worse, was the restaurant manager who was even more arrogant and non-apologetic. To top it all, we were mistakenly charged with drinks we didn't order and the waiter was not trained to respond properly to such a situation, asking us to double check the corrected bill ourselves!

Unfortunately Momo's did not meet the minimum standards of Lebanese hospitality.. And here is the response from Momo's:

Thank you for your message, we are sorry to hear that you had encountered a bad experience at Momo. Kindly note that all Momo team are highly trained and well spoken, unfortunately when a table is book it’s booked, this is only fair to the people that have reserved it. That night was fully booked so offering you a table at the end was a way of trying to help you as there were no tables available. Never the less kindly provide us with your contact information so we can resolve this matter at hand with you directly.

I was disappointed with the way which my complaint was handled , I shared my experience so such an incident would not be repeated...I expected a lot more from "supposedly" one of the best resultants in Lebanon! We were not informed at any point that our table was already reserved until we were asked to leave !


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Momo's Unacceptable Behaviour: Arrogance and Unprofessionalism