July 26, 2014

Most Expensive Bread Loaf Made With Champagne and Gold

A baker in Wrexham has made what he believes to be Britain's most expensive bread, for people with the extra dough. Robert Didier adds champagne and 24 carat gold to the bread, which costs £25 a pop.


He says he is trying to revive a centuries-old tradition when exotic ingredients in bread were a status symbol for the lord of the manor. Mr Didier, who trained under celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, said the gold flakes are edible. "The golden bread is not something you would necessarily want every day but for a special occasion it's got a bit of wow factor to it," he said. Mr Didier, who began his career at Raymond Blanc's bakery and patisserie Maison Blanc in Oxford, said the loaf is a "homage" to bakers of the 1500s. He said: "In those days the baker of the palace or the manor house would be expected to produce loaves of bread that reflected the status of the lord or the king. "So lots of interesting ingredients were included. "What we're unveiling is a bread with champagne and then it has 24 carat gold flakes through the loaf. "So you can't get more opulent than that."

The bread is being publicly launched at the Hamper Llangollen food festival in October. Original Article on BCC.

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