May 15, 2019 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

MotherShucker: Oysters and Delectable Seafood
Out with the Guys

A handful of mouthwatering photos... enjoy the gallery below while I plan another visit to Mothershucker for a detailed review. Enjoy meanwhile!


(Le Commerce du Levant) In Lebanon, it's hard to imagine an oyster bar because it is a product that is eaten fresh, seasonal and imported. Nevertheless, Georges Khoueiry is doing well. Through his company Merou Fishmarket, Khoueiry and his partners are already importing fresh fish and seafood daily that they serve in part in the restaurant Le Mérou in Achrafié. Guaranteed supply, the oyster bar becomes possible.


Located at the beginning of Mar Mikhael since December, Mothershucker can welcome up to 100 people in winter and 140 in summer for an average ticket around 50 dollars per person. À la carte, a selection of Irish, French or Japanese oysters, but also lobster, calamari or shrimp. "At first, I thought people would not appreciate the product right away, but immediately there was a craze," says the co-owner of the brand that ensures selling more than 2,000 oysters a week . Mothershucker has cost $ 500,000 to its owners who say they want to develop the concept to new locations. (Le Commerce du Levant)


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