April 25, 2012

mywaterfront - The New Champagne Bar on Beirut's Waterfront

The much anticipated mywaterfront has finally opened its doors in popular Zaytunay Bay, a place that continues to develop more on the Beirut's waterside with restaurants, retail outlets, cafés and furnished residential units all serviced by an exclusive club. Following the success of mybar in Beirut, opened in June 2010, mygroup launches its second venture, an innovative and unique Champagne bar in Beirut’s new waterfront marina development making the Beirut Waterfront a true promises destination spot for the elite.

mywaterfront is located in Beirut’s new Waterfront Development is a joint venture with Solidere. I came across a few sketches of mywaterfront which I am sharing with you... I will be taking images as soon as I come back to Lebanon, as I am away now in Barcelona, so stay tuned for new reviews from here as well... Where you at the opening, please share your thoughts...


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