October 28, 2018 Lebanon Middle East

NGNO, Lebanon's Food Blog: Restaurants, Villages, Heroes and Discoveries

NoGarlicNoOnions.com (NGNO) is Lebanon’s leading hospitality and travel portal and is the result of passion, passion for food, passion for people, passion for travel, passion for experiences and, above all, passion for Lebanon. NGNO provides honest, clear reviews and unbiased advice on restaurants, bars, cafes and more. From food to hotel stays, service and products, NGNO aims to be the ultimate reference for hospitality services within Lebanon and further afield.

The site, founded by Anthony Rahayel in 2012, contains over 4500 detailed reviews of local and international restaurants, gadgets, food, airlines and more. NGNO helps people to discover great new experiences and provides insights into local and international culinary trends while helping local and international foodies find the right spots to enjoy good food, new innovations and more… From fine dining restaurants to street food vendors and everything in between. Over a hundred thousand lovers of food and all things food-related follow NGNO’s detailed reviews on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and NoGarlicNoOnions.com is a vibrant place that is always full of discussions.

In addition to food and hospitality, NGNO also highlights wonderful experiences for travelers in Lebanon and abroad. NGNO’s short videos spotlight the very best Lebanon has to offer and helps people discover new places and fresh experiences. In addition to the reviews, which make up the majority of NGNO’s activities, the team has also created or collaborated with a number of projects that form part of the NGNO experience.

An extremely popular television segment on in Lebanon, Meshwar takes the form of a 20-minute show that takes viewers across Lebanon. The audience delves into hidden gems, unknown areas and places they might not have visited in years to rediscover the secret delights in Lebanon and their love of the country. Seen through NGNO’s eyes, Meshwar is an insider’s guide to Lebanon like no other.

Souk El Akel is a traveling culinary feast that journeys across Lebanon spreading a love of local products, providing a platform for local producers and inspiring local cooks and chefs. Having visited Beirut, Jbeil, Broumana and Aley, Souk El Akel is set to tour the country, bringing the very best edible experiences to people from all walks of life. Souk El Akel’s mission is simple: To bring people together through a shared love of great food and a sense of pride in their community.

And Finally… Above and beyond these special initiatives, NGNO’s main focus is, of course, food and the NGNO team is going to continue to highlight the best restaurants and cafes while making sure to tell visitors about awful service or horrible experiences. The one thing NGNO can promise is that we will always be honest.





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