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NGNO Mechwar Armenia & Artsakh 2019: Vlogs and Stories (Episode Coming Soon)

Undoubtedly, expecting another high-quality video, which will support into promoting Armenian tourism in Lebanon and Arab countries.


Meshwar Armenia and Artsakh 2019

Following last year's dedication and same approach, we have decided to produce a second video project, again to be prepared by "NoGarlicNoOnions" Lebanese Food & Travel Blogger Team. In addition to Armenian gastronomy and sightseeing attractions, "Meshwar Armenia & Artsakh 2019" will also cover about:

  • Armenian authentic cuisine, by visiting well-known restaurants, such as Carahunge Dilijan, Kchuch Dilijan, Anoush Yerevan, Armas winery restaurant, Mayrig Yerevan, Zeytuna Yerevan, Kharpert by Tufenkian, Victoria Vayk, Hyatt Place Jermuk, Dolmama Yerevan.
  • Wine production industry, by visiting 4 Wineries (Voskeni, Karas, Armas, Voskevaz).
  • Visit villages and local farms, to cover about organic way of home-made food production (cheese, jam, honey, herbal tea).
  • Interview with senior and governmental officials, both in Armenia and Artsakh.
  • 02-day visit to Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh), introducing local gastronomy, food products, touristic and cultural attractions.


Meshwar Armenia 2018 https://youtu.be/d2JjJ3_XK7U

Important Stops this year:

  • Dinner at "Anoush" restaurant Yerevan (Pochapur, Yaghari, Gharni Ravine, Dolma, Halva).
  • 2nd Lunch at "Kchuch" restaurant Dilijan (master-class traditional Gata making & Armenian nachos).
  • 1st Lunch at "Qarahunge" restaurant Dilijan (Harisa, Vana Mshosh with appricot, Itch salad, Gharni Yarikh).
  • Visit Tsaghkadzor ski resort (cable-car), Dilijan & Ijevan.
  • Full Voskeni, Karas, Armas and Voskevaz wineries.
  • Breakfast at Voskeni, Lunch at Armas (Trout fish with white wine, cooked inside Lavash bread).
  • Dinner at "Mayrig" restaurant Yerevan (Spanakhov mante, Vospov keufte, Sare Bourma).
  • Lunch at "Zeytuna" restaurant Yerevan (Samsak Urfa meat-pie, Sarma).
  • Dinner at "Kharpert" restaurant Yerevan (pan fried appricot nut rolls, Chicken Khokhob, Su Beureg).
  • Lunch at "Victoria" restaurant Vayk (Rabbit cooked with wine in tonir, Armenian Sudjukh master-class).
  • Visit Yegheknadzor and St. Anna church at Malishka village.
  • Jermuk health-spa village and waterfalls.
  • Dinner at Grand Resort Hotel Jermuk (Ishkhan Fish with vegetables, Ghapama master-class).
  • Stepanagert Bazar/Market and film about local products, visit Artsakh Carpet Factory. 
  • Stepanagert Airport:Film the Passenger Terminal.
  • Nikol Tuman museum, with master-class of Jingyalov hats.
  • Visit Shushi city.

  • Gandzasar Monastery, Karvajar, Dadivank.
  • Farewell Dinner at Dolmama Yerevan.

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