August 17, 2012

No Smoking Lebanon Starting September 3rd: Law 174

The campaign to enforce law 174 prohibiting smoking in closed public spaces is organized by IndyACT, Tobacco Free Initiative - TFI and in collaboration with AUB -Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) at the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

Implementation of smoking ban in public places:

Enforcement will take place in the following places: Governmental buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, workplaces, banks, private businesses, malls, airport and public transport & including the hospitality sector: Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels (20% of total number of rooms can be used by smokers), Bars, Clubs, theaters.

Ban on selling & serving tobacco products to underage youth:
Ban selling and serving tobacco products to underage youth such as cigarettes, electronics cigarettes and hooka pipe etc…
The inclusion of a "No Smoking" sign:
Smoke free signs with specific specifications are to be included in highly visible locations in rooms, entrances, receptions, cafeterias, bathrooms as well as public transportation.
Advertising logos, brands and trademarks ban:
Related to any tobacco product advertised outdoors or indoors. Unrelated products with indirect advertisement Banning the production and importation of any product that represents or looks like tobacco products especially those directed at children, example: food, chocolate, candy, sweets and toys.
Promotions of tobacco products ban:
Banning of promotions for tobacco products such as: promotions, free gifts, entering into a draw and competition etc...
Tobacco products advertisements in the media ban:
Banning all direct and indirect, paid and unpaid, tobacco advertisements in all audiovisual media such as but not limited to: newspaper ads and articles, magazines, outdoor billboards, TV/radio ads, TV/radio shows and programs, internetetc…
Sponsorship ban:
A complete ban on any forms of sponsorship by tobacco industries such as: cultural, sports and business events etc…
Health warning to cover 40% of tobacco packaging:
A health warning should cover 40% of both sides of cigarette packs and packaging. This also applies to all locally or imported tobacco products. Ban of all tobacco products with misleading messages. The removal of products from the market which include misleading messages such as: light, super light, mild, color coded etc…
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