December 28, 2015

NoGarlicNoOnions: Lebanon's Second Most Influential Blog

How do we define influence? Is it potential reach? this year's Most Viral Blog had the most potential reach in 2015. Is it the amount of posts produced? this year's Most Prolific Blog has published more posts than any other blogger this year. But neither alone is sufficient. The most influential blog should have both reach and volume.

To calculate influence, we have multiplied this year's average virality of each blog by the number of posts that blog published, getting a number that we called the "Virality Load". By that measure, Blog Baladi emerges as Lebanon's Most Influential Blog of 2015 and NoGarlicNoOnions comes second.

Below is a list of the runners ups of influential blogs that have a good combination of potential reach and volume:

#BlogVirality Load
1 Blog Baladi 26,669
2 No Garlic No Onions 16,213
3 My Beirut Chronicles 7,956
4 Beyond Beirut 4,680
5 Let's Tlk Abt Movies 3,932
6 A Separate State of Mind 3,666
7 Gino's Blog 3,502
8 Bread on Butter 3,466
9 Nad's Reviews 3,218
10 Tarek Chemaly 2,462
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NoGarlicNoOnions: Lebanon's Most Prolific Blog of 2015


Mark Daou Blog: NoGarlicNoOnions, Lebanon Man of the Year 2015