June 03, 2019

One Hand Cannot Clap... Together We Can! Thank You for the Endless Support

As a teenager growing up in Lebanon, I never thought I would able to walk against the current, against what people say Lebanon is, against looking at things in a negative way... and unfortunately, it has become a national trend.


Instead, I insisted on focusing on the positive and looking at the glass half full... this was the drive behind starting NoGarlicNoOnions in 2012.

Every detail mattered, every ingredient created a story, every wrinkle on an old man’s face shows perseverance... every smile on a woman’s face shows endurance... all for the love of our country, its heritage, culture, richness... I became more and more determined... I looked into the details, the beauty in different parts of the country, the way people work their lands, how they prepare traditional food, traveling across different towns and discovering its unparalleled beauty!

Yes I am realistic, and I choose to be optimistic and this reflected on my blog.

Throughout the years, I met so many people who believed in what I am doing, who encouraged me for more, who thanked me daily for always showing a glimpse of home in everything... it’s this encouragement that kept me going, that kept me fighting for a positive Lebanon... it’s this encouragement that boosted my energy to deliver more and show diversify in what I do. It’s this encouragement that made me who I am today, a winner. (Winner of the World's Bloggers Awards 2019, Best Street Food Blog)

I represent each one of us out there, working hard to keep our little country on the international map. This award is for each and every one of you who have stood by me all these years.


One hand cannot clap they say, true!

As we work together, believe together and strive together, we will always make sure that LEBANON is #a7labaladbel3alam



The first edition of World Bloggers Awards has been a tremendous success