July 31, 2014

OXO Grape and Cherry Tomato Cutter

Cut prep time in half with this handy countertop gadget that lets you slice up to 1 cup of grapes or cherry tomatoes in one easy action. The OXO Grape and Small Tomato Slicing Guide's innovative design also works on pitted cherries and olives, kumquats, and other small, soft fruit. Tomato and grapes slicer The clear plastic walls flex to accommodate ingredients in slightly different sizes, and feature measurement markings to eliminate any guesswork. Plus: The whole thing comes apart for convenient cleaning, and is dishwasher-safe. Those summertime fruit salads and panzanellas just got a whole lot less time-consuming. A nonslip base keeps the guide from sliding during use, and the walls feature handy measurements that make it easy to see how much you’re cutting. Buy it online
Categories: Food Gadgets


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