January 03, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

P.F Chang’s: A Touch of Chinese Perfection to Start the Year

Phone Number: +961 1 285335

Address: ABC Achrafieh, City Centre Beirut and Zaitunay Bay. BEIRUT, LEBANON

Website: http://www.pfchangslebanon.com

Price Range: 30-60 $

Visiting P.F Chang's a few weeks ago, I was amazed by the professionalism. The service and food served were superb. Following my recommendations, many friends around me enjoyed a unique meal at P.F Change, while others have complained that their food was not up to par, and told me the reason I liked it was because it's new...  


P.F Chang’s: A Touch of Chinese Perfection Towards the End of Year Dear readers, please allow me to fill you in on my latest dinner experience at P.F Chang - it was great on all fronts. This Chinese restaurant has been open for just 15 days now and honestly the experience was just as great as the first day I went. The service was great and the food as well. Many have said that this one than the one at ABC... One can't deny that the new location is great. Reaching P.F Chang's at 9pm, I was luckily welcomed by Greg, who took care of us the last time. He recognized me and thanked me for mentioning him in my last review. A hostess then took us to our table with a view of the terrace. Ahmad was in charge our section that night. With the widest smile, he made our evening enjoyable.


Let me remind you of the place's beautiful decoration:

  • With its two entrances, an access to the place from the right door where an army of hostesses welcomes you. The left door is only used as the exit
  • Two majestic horses grace the entrance of the restaurant. The horse symbolizes the original Forbidden City in China, which was built for China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi
  • As you walk through the place, an open kitchen to the right shows the busy beehive preparing fresh plates. To the left is the main bar and its coffee machine, alcoholic beverages and most importantly, the cat
  • In the middle of the bar is The Lucky Cat part of P. F. Chang’s culture. Every Chang’s has a large Asian-styled ceramic cat, which is holding one paw up. The ‘Lucky Cat’ is a symbol of wealth and luck and many Asian businesses use it in the hopes of attracting customers and wealth. While predominately associated with Japanese culture, the Chinese has appropriated it as well.
  • The place has a general wood feel that follows you around. Waves of wood cover the entire ceiling
  • High glass facades let day light enter in style while giving an open view to the surroundings
  • Wood square tables fill in the space, surrounded by brown leather chairs
  • Around the place are grey sofas known to be found in diners, with a pending lamp over each one of them
  • A long glass bar takes over the middle of the restaurant
  • An enjoyable music plays in the background
  • At the end of the restaurant is the mostly lit and intimate seating area, separated from the rest of the place by five Bonsai trees
  • Interesting elements showcase the cuisine and create a stylish, comfortable, upbeat dining experience for everyone that comes in
  • You feel the modern creativity all by maintaining the authentic Chinese ambiance
  • Terracotta Chinese warriors decorate the four corners of the restaurant
  • The painted mural is a unique design found in each of P.F Chang’s locations around the world: This one is the story of a dragon that attacked the city than turned into a man… Ask one of the waiters to give it to you in details


Ready to order. Ahmad approached us with a set of sauces, one of which is a home signature sauce for us to try - a spoon of chili paste, mixed with another of hot mustard and a bit of white vinegar in a soy sauce bowl.

We enjoyed our dinner:

  • Spring Rolls 10,000L.L: (A traditional favorite. Fresh and crispy vegetable rolls prepared daily) Perfectly rolled, these spring rolls are generously stuffed and most importantly not oily. Enjoy them with some sweet and sour sauce


  • Dynamite Shrimps 23,000L.L: (A cup of flavorful battered shrimps with an explosive spicy sauce. A true favorite) Served in a Martini cup with a piece of cabbage leaf cut in half for decoration, this plate is unique. The shrimps melt under your teeth like butter while the sauce explodes on your tongue to reveal its freshness and spiciness. An interesting and acceptable spicy aftertaste, interesting flavors, beautiful textures in a mix that brings out the true flavors of ingredients. This is how real dynamite shrimps are done... Hopefully others can learn from this dish


  • Almond and Cashew Chicken 28,000L.L: (Thinly sliced chicken breast cooked in a vegetable stock, mixed with vegetables, almonds and cashews. An unforgettable dish) In a square plate, juicy slices of chicken are mixed with crunchy grilled almonds and cashew nuts felt in every other bite while the crunchy vegetables, capsicum, onions, shallots and bamboo shoots, are bathing is rich sauce. I enjoyed this plate's textures and flavors


  • Orange Peel Beef 30,000L.L: (Thin slices of beef cooked with orange peels. Yes, we peel our oranges one by one to prepare this dish) My favorite tonight, this plate is a must order. Chunks of fried beef mixed with orange peels and a crunchy envelop, slightly sweet and slightly spicy at the same time. How interesting! As you bite into these pieces the inner juiciness is revealed while the rich flavors caress your palatal buds. I ended up eating all this plate


  • Lo Mein Vegetables Noodles 19,000L.L: (Classic Chinese egg noodles) Simply good. It's perfectly cooked, adequately salted and richly flavored. Broccoli, mangetout and carrots add a colorful touches and interesting flavors. These noodles are neutral in taste can be enjoyed with beef, meat or dish


Voila! We enjoyed a tasty dinner and left home happy. PS: P.F Chang is a heavy meal.  I would recommend that you enjoy their food for lunch more than dinner. Let me hear about your experience at P.F Chang. You opinion matters...





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