November 05, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Passionnée de Gourmandises: Mouth Watering Cakes Baked at Home
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Phone Number: +961 3 502 064

Address: Secteur 2, Rue 55 Dbayeh, Mont-Liban, Lebanon


Price Range: 15-65 $

Thick yellow cream and perfectly cooked soft meringue, a tart that looks like a spring flower arrived at the office on this beautiful Monday morning. A colored box with gold engraved letters, a classy menu and another transparent box hosting two chocolate cakes. From such an interesting first impression, I was sure that the experience was going to be exciting.

Dome de citron, meringue, crème d’amande on a crunchy pate sablée! It’s on a thin crunchy layer of sablé with a thick pate d’amande together hosting lemon and meringue on top. It’s much more than the box or the cakes decoration, it’s the intense flavor of lemon, the custard-like textured cream, the smoothness of the meringue and the balance of the four layers, combined into a mouthwatering cake.


And the chocolate mousse cake is even better! It’s a masterpiece! Choc en bouche, a crunchy layer of pate sablé mixed with bits of caramel topped with a dark chocolate mousse that’s intensely flavored and aromatized with notes of alcohol. The whole is embraced by a chocolate ganache that’s even darker than the heart itself. That’s love, pure love in a cake.


When major big brand names still don’t have colored cake boxes, when many don’t even finish their cakes as considered pieces of art, Passionnée de Gourmandises comes with a new approach to desserts, passionate masterpieces baked and prepared at home. Impressed by the quality Grace Franjieh creates, I’ll be sure to tell my friends about it.



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