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Pepe's Fishing Club Restaurant, Lebanon
Casual Dining Authentic & Traditional

Pepe Very average, but the name, reputation and view compensate.

Byblos Fishing Club was established in 1962 in the ancient Phoenician harbour of Byblos. The creator of this restaurant was a man called Pepe Abed, a legendary figure in Lebanese tourism. The restaurant became very famous due in part to its beautiful location but mainly to Pepe's sparkling personality. Over the years many famous faces have graced the restaurant with their presence and are now immortalized on the 'wall of fame' which is a charming reminder of the restaurant's past as well as its present.

The location of the restaurant is perfect. It overlooks the famous harbor of Byblos and is an ideal place to enjoy the freshest fish you will ever taste, sample different dishes from the delicious meze or catch sight of the spectacular sunset over a glass of arak. Everyone in Byblos has heard of The Fishing Club so you will have no problems finding it! Pepe fishing club has been known for the last couple of decades for being a place to see while you’re in Lebanon, especially when visiting  Byblos, towards the North of Lebanon. Pepe has his own museum that i had the chance to visit and shoot since its not open for the public.

Pepe fishing club is a tradition, a history not a fine diner. Among the more high-profile visitors to the Byblos Fishing Club were Swedish actress Anita Ekberg, French crooner Johnny HallidayKim NovakGinger RogersAnn Margret, the poet Said Akl, Czech President Václav Havel, Mexican President Miguel Aleman Valdes and Lebanese President Camille Chamoun, among numerous other heads of state. Unfortunately, the food quality and service are not as good as the restaurant's reputation. I encourage you to visit the restaurant, enjoy it, but do not expect much. Just visit to discover and say... I was there. Check out this nice review i found or the biography of Jose Abed in french.






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