February 22, 2019 Paris France Europe

Photos from the Suites at The Glorious Ritz Hotel of Paris
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I had the chance to visit The Ritz' suites and beautiful hotel in Paris; a memorable experience I'm sharing with you in these unique photos. Restored to their legendary splendor, the Ritz Paris suites have re-emerged from their neoclassical settings enlarged, reconsidered to accommodate the latest technologies and dressed in subtle silks. Bathed in light, some even offer shaded private terraces overlooking the hotel’s magnificent French garden.


Each room at the Ritz Paris is as glorious as ever, offering an incomparable ambiance and the most generous spaces in the French capital. Fine woodwork and delicate pastel hues compose an intimate décor where ultimate luxury resides in every detail, accompanied by antique objects and art.


AD: When the Ritz Paris reopened in late June after a four-year, $450 million revamp by Thierry Despont, every media outlet had an opinion. Vogue loved it so much it shot a July feature there; the Wall Street Journal wondered if its old-world allure would appeal once again to contemporary travelers. No stranger to over-the-top luxury, AD100 designer Jamie Drake had to get the scoop for himself, so he checked into the historic hotel’s Imperial Suite. “I was so intrigued to go back and see how the renovation was done,” says Drake. “The last time I was there, it was utterly charming but certainly in need of a refresh.”


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