September 25, 2018 Paris France Europe

Pierre Marcolini; My Favorite Chocolatier Has a New Logo
Sweet Tooth

It has been a tradition, a habit or probably a need to ask every friend visiting Paris for a box of chocolates from Pierre Marcolini. The dark chocolate squares are available at my office like water bottles. One square a day, this unique chocolate makes me a happier person.


Being a big fan, I discovered a change of identity the last couple of weeks. From a black packaging with a logo showing a cocoa bean, Pierre Marcolini is now white with a logo showing the two letters P and M. the chocolate box on another hand is colorful with blue and red and major colors. From dark and classy, to relaxed and more joyful, Pierre Marcolini has uplifted its look.

Remaining one of the world’s best and surely my personal favorite, Pierre Marcolini is now more colorful and young. If you didn’t try it yet, please do, you won’t regret it.

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