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Pizza Verde: A Good Pizza Close to Home... Delivered Hot
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Sometimes we tend to forget about the places close to home. Located just a few meters from my clinic is a pizza place I like, there's nothing quite convenient like good food.


I've been ordering their pizzas for some time now, but never thought of writing about them. Now is the time, after three deliveries, to let you know about a small place, on the Mazraat Yachouh highway that offers pizzas that are worth looking into.

Try the thick or thin dough:

  • The Thick Dough: A large pizza that's chewy inside out, and generously topped with the richest of ingredients. The Lebanese pizza is just what you need, without any sophistication or pretention. They use lots of black olives and fresh mushrooms. The borders are not too crunchy and the dough a bit chewy, so I prefer the thin one.
  • The Thin Dough: The Greek pizza with goat cheese and melted mozzarella is so tasty. I like the tomato paste that adds a hint of enjoyable sweetness. I enjoyed the tomato slices, which trap juiciness and flavor, so much. I loved the crunchy borders and thin dough that isn't soggy or chewy.

The pizzas:

  • I've also tried their pepperoni, the Pizza Verde signature, and the vegetarian to confirm that the thick dough is too spongy so I'm stcking to the thin one.
  • On the third delivery time, I tried the large pizza which is for (LBP23,000), a family huge size which is good for four. Loved the chicken and the classic which are generously filled and full of taste.


The prices:

  • Small LBP12,000
  • Medium LBP19,000
  • Large LBP23,000
  • XLarge LBP25,000

Good to know:

  • Their pizza is not the finest Italian out there.
  • They're also not American style pizzas.
  • This pizza is special and unique, blending together an Italian touch, an American feel and Lebanese know how. It's a casual pizza I can eat everyday.
  • Try their salads, they're very generous and fresh.
  • I also had their escalope, which is good for lunch.

The positive:

  • The pizzas are still extremely hot when they arrive
  • The toppings are generous
  • The ingredients used feel fresh and are of good quality 
  • I like the idea of adding slices of tomato, which add a little sweetness 

The minuses and things I'd change:

  • I didn't like the quality of the pepperoni
  • The thick dough is too chewy, like a fluffy Lebanese man'oushe. I'd recommend the thin dough
  • The onions, when used, are heavy and too prominent, so beware 

Don't expect perfection, but I believe Pizza Verde deserves a try. Their pizzas are affordable and generous, offering a reasonable, flavorful homey experience and quick delivery at lunchtime.

Pizza Verde +961 4 919 146

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