May 03, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Popcity: Ice Pops Like No Other!
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Popcity are not your regular ice pops. Popcity are not like any ice pops you find at your local grocery store, not the usual “bouza talej” you have enjoyed since childhood. It's a whole new approach to ice cream. 

The Popcity stand at Souk el Akel cannot be missed. Stop by the stand and look at customers' faces and expressions... some get nostalgic, some smiling, while others look at their popsicle with amazement.


When I was a kid I remember filling my fridge with ice pops and eating them slowly... now I've discovered Popcity. Ali has introduced the country to ice pops made with real fruits and natural ingredients; there are no preservatives or artificial coloring.

The dark chocolate is light, the fruits are ice-free, the lemon is so rich, the blood orange is a dream and the best seller, the recommendation, would be the lychee. Popcity's lychee has chunks of fruits that will make you want to come back to the Souk el Akel every Thursday.


Popcity currently offers four types of popsicles:

  • Fruity Pops made from fresh fruits, no artificial flavors and no additives. For those who count their calories, you can also find Vegan Friendly Low Calories, Low Fat Sugar Free special items.
  • Funky Pops are cream based pops, rich in flavor and made with premium ingredients. Nutella, Peanut Butter, Lotus, Oreo, Avocado ... Not for the faint hearted.
  • Yogo Pops are yogurt based healthy pops mixed with fresh fruits.
  • Alco Pops are alcohol based pops for the adult crowd. With premium alcohol mixed into creations such as Flowery Champagne, Sangria, Rosé Wine, Watermelon Vodka, Mexican Beer, Pina Colada and others.


Popcity, or the Souk's cold treat as many call it, is not ice cream, it's not gelato, it's Popcity! Popcity is a colorful, icy stick made from the freshest of fruits. Ali Chokor is the man responsible. A passionate man who left his old life behind to entirely devote himself to developing his handmade and homemade business. He picks the fruits himself and invests time and love into every stick to make it look great and taste even better.

Close your eyes and let your taste buds take you places... enjoy the taste of real fruits, just as if they were picked minutes earlier. The Lychee is the most popular, the cheesecake berries is a killer, the Nutella is like a dream come true... but my personal favorite is their Lemon, simply Lemon! It's so good... surely Lebanon's best sorbet served on a stick.


A light crunch, fresh lemon, zesty and with a certain freshness that made me say "A77777"...  It transports, it makes you happy.

Popcity can be found every week at Souk el Akel.

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