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Red Velvet Cupcakes: Simple, Elegant and Mouthwatering
Non-smokers friendly

Have you ever felt inexplicably drawn to something, a place, a concept, a signboard... I walked past Red Velvet and felt something pulling me inside like a magnet and I'm happy I gave in. Red Velvet cupcakes turned out to be a famous local concept with many awards for being the best cupcakes in Washington DC.


"Simple, elegant, and too scrumptious for words." Washington Post.

It's a small place with simple decor... this shop sells cupcakes displayed in lines of several flavors. Red Velvet, White and Black, Cookies and Cream, the Southern Belle, Summertime, Northern Beauty, Devil's Food, Caramel Latte, Peanut Butter cup, Carrot Cake and Vanilla Bean.

What makes their cupcakes special is their simplicity, their size, their frosting and their packaging. Like the Washington post says, "they are too scrumptious for words."

I ordered a box of six and went to sit on the bench outside the window. It was interesting to see how people smiled at me while looking at me and my box, five of them went in and bought the same...


Juicy cupcakes, despite their small size, are covered with either chocolate or vanilla frosting depending on the cupcake. The carrot cake is delicious, the chocolate velvet and its crystallized petals is out of this world! The cookies and cream has a beautiful texture without being sweet... while the caramel latte was a premiere for me.

Definitely some of the best cupcakes I've had and Washington's best: it has to be on your list.





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